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Fossil watch

this is a 4 light set-up using focus stacking: one flash head with a standard reflector above, and one on the right-hand side both diffused through two 3 sq.ft. diffusion panels. On the left side and below there is an additional 1 sq. ft. panel diffusing another flash head. Finally an optical spot from above to create some shadows under the pointers

Canon 6D
100mm · f/13.0 · 1/160s · ISO 500
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Tack sharp, love the lighting!

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This is awesome! and I have the same exact watch!

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Good taste man :))

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well done

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Impressive. Looks like it was shot with large format. Very sharp

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The shaprness comes from focus stacking but i sure hope to use medium format soon :)

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I'm really floored by the quality of your 6D files. So clean and beautiful. Your processing shows a real command of the craft. I use the 5D lll and tend to struggle with color casts, especially with skin even when using a color checker and profiles. You don't appear to need MF. High-end quality....you make it look easy.

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Thank you. I think you just need good white balance to have a solid base color. Once that is done i usually play with almost all HSL sliders in Lr and then some selective color in Ps. Usually the strange cast in photos can be corrected by adjusting only one or two colors. (Provided the wb is good). Play around with these tools and you'll master color in no time. Don't worry about human skin, it was, is and will be one of the toughest things to edit correctly. Try some of julia kuzmenko's tutorials. She's got the hang of it

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This is real good. Is there a way to show the lighting plan? The positioning of the lights and equipment used

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I would have posted some BTS scenes but i haven't taken any. But the magic formula is to look at the reflections on the product and place the light accordingly.

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Accentuates all the right features and really just stands out as a special shot. I know the watch, and I know that I don't like it that much in reality - but this makes me just want to ignore all that and buy one outright!

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So good that it looks like a 3D rendering!

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Nice details. Good shot !