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Roswell: Delta

This is an image in a series of sculptural abstract figure studies exploring the human form and the spaces that can be created around and within the body. It is intended to exaggerate, emphasise and simplify shape down to a few minimal components. It was made with few metres of stretchy fabric sewn into a tube and side lit with a pair of strip softboxes to enhance the tension and texture in the pose.

When I give images titles I normally simple include the model's name and number the image. In this case the naming scheme uses letters of the Greek alphabet; the shapes of the forms seem to reflect the shapes of Greek letters.

Processing was mainly concerned with tidying up and slightly extending the background, followed by a mono conversion and then some dodging and burning to enhance the local contrast.

When converting to mono I often use two separate processes and blend them; I like Silver Efex Pro for the effects it can create but the results almost invariably look overdone to my eye, and it is incredibly easy to introduce artefacts and halos when using it. Combining it with a simple gradient map conversion tones the results down nicely.

Nikon D750
85mm · f/6.3 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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Incredible work. Thanks for giving some insight it the concept and your work practice. This is reminiscent of the "Wing Victory of Samothrace"