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Verity I

My first upload here; this is from a shoot I did a while ago now with a friend of mine. She approached me for a shoot after seeing some of my other work.

It's still one of my favourite images. We'd played around with all sorts of different poses once Verity had got over her considerable nerves. Right at the end of the shoot Verity had the idea to lift her head, which makes the shot look that much more relaxed IMO.

Olympus OM-D E-M5
Olympus OM-D E-M5
26mm · f/6.3 · 1/200 · ISO 200
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thanks Lee!

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Very nicely put together!

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Thank you Aaron!

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Congrats on Photo of the Day award ;)
It's totally worth it :-)

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Cheers Bill!

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Beautiful shot. Excellent choice on going with BW!

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thank you Hector!

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Really well done.

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Great picture !
How did you shoot it ?

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Thanks! This set is in a studio; there's no glass in the windows. There are two strobes with standard reflectors behind, pointing backwards at large white panels to simulate daylight, with a little fill from a large octabox near the camera position.

It helped that I'm an acrobalance teacher as well as a photographer; I'm very familiar with how handstands work and what's likely to make them look good.

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Thanks, Simon.
Again, beautiful shot. The added light is perfectly subtle

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comment above was not meant to be a reply to Rex, only to the photo

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Beautiful composition.

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thank you!

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Excellent composition

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Thanks Reza

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amazing photo !

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thank you red cat!

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WOW. Wonder how many shots it took.

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Thanks! This was the only shot of this exact pose - though of course we took lots of others too.

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Very well done. I like how you balanced studio lights to look light natural light.