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This is a little different for me.. getting away from the highly staged and meticulous, and letting some randomness happen in a fashiony paparazzi style.

Controlling the light in this space was tricky!

There were 2 ceiling light fittings, a window, a mirror and two strobes - a Godox AD360 with 7" reflector and tight grid as key just above head height and directly in front of the model, plus a Pringles tube snooted speedlite immediately below to add catchlights without adding a double shadow.

I like Pringles tubes as snoots - the silver interior gives the shadows nice soft edges, or you can insert black craft foam to give a much harder edge.

Lighting diagram here: https://goo.gl/kz3dtD

For once I didn't meter anything, it was all done to taste by eye - a 1.5 second exposure at f22

I quite like the fact that some 'rules' have been broken.. hard light which hasn't been matched to the Tungsten, blurry, wonky, portrait with a wide angle lens.. etc

Nikon D750
17mm · f/22 · 1.5s · ISO 100
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