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Anna Rose

I'd long wanted to work with the UK-based model, gymnast & dancer Anna Rose. I finally got chance earlier this year. She has the most extraordinary physique and control of her dynamic movement, as well as a dancer's inner vision of what makes an interesting shape.

Anna suggested the original variant of those pose; I suggested a few refinements. We must have tried it about a dozen times, refining the lighting slightly after each shot.

Lighting: Gridded 120cm octa camera left, feathered across the model & off the backdrop

Gridded strip camera right, angled downwards

Gridded beauty dish camera right below the stripbox to continue the highlight down the body. If I had a longer strip box I'd have used that instead.

7" dish bouncing off a white reflector on the floor to light the face & provide a little fill.

Post: Tidy & extend the background & a little bit of skin & contrast work, but really very little indeed. I think the simplicity of this image doesn't need much work.

I've deliberately left some texture in the backdrop. I've altered it a little but I think the image is stronger for looking less perfect.

I actually prefer a 1:1.44 vertical crop but I've kept it square as it looks so much better in thumbnails.

Nikon D750
85mm · f/6.3 · 1/200 · ISO 200
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Might be the first photo I've commented on here - this is outstanding. The lighting is great, pose is phenomenal, and the conservative processing is perfect.

Nicholas, thank you so much!

outstanding, indeed!

thank you!