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Clare V

A catwoman-inspired aerial shoot with hoop / lyra teacher Clare Watkinson.

This shot is all about the shapes. Minimal but precise lighting - two stripboxes - was required to highlight them.

The pose looks very simple but it took a lot of refinement to get it looking both relaxed and strong. Turning the head to the side brings just a hint of broken symmetry for interest.

Similarly, quite some research went into styling to produce a costume which was inspired by catwoman without being a direct copy, and which conveyed just the right amount of shine & texture while still flattering the model's body shape.

Post processing was mainly confined to tidying up and extending the backdrop, with some slight contrast & toning adjustments.

Nikon D750
125 · f/6.3 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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Great shot, and bravo to the model.

Have Fun,

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Thanks Jeff!

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Good one!