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93 Years a Farmer

I gave away a free session to a charity auction. While I was mainly down here to photograph a family session, I knew I had to do some legacy portraits of this 93-year-old farmer. He spent his life on the farm raising corn, beans, and cattle, and I can only imagine the stories behind those eyes and the work behind those hands.

It was a very, very bright day so I decided to use the harsh sun to accentuate his character in his face. I used a 60 inch umbrella as on-axis fill to smooth out the transitions in the shadows and added a 24x36" softbox as a kicker on the left. Since I wanted a shallow depth of field, I used a variable neutral density filter to get the lens more wide open.

ISO 200, 1/250th, F 2.8

Camera: Fuji Xpro2
Lens: Fuji 56 1.2
ND Filter: BW
Lights: Alien Bees

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