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A full life

I love the beauty of a full life spent on the farm. Normally I spend a few hours with each farmer. However, I called it quits after just 40 minutes with this wonderful lady because I didn't want to take any more time out of her day when she gave me this shot.

Mamiya 645 DF+
Credo 40 back
Schneider 80mm LS 2.8
ISO 50

Lighting - Alien Bee 800 w/ 24x36 Softbox to the left

Processing: Capture One, NIK Software, and Exposure 7

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Great texture and emotion, bet she has a million stories to tell, beautiful frame

This was at F4.5? Really? Looks to be a much more shallow DOF than that, with the right side and front (brim of hat) of the subject out of focus. I would have preferred the entire subject in focus, or at least both eyes nice and sharp.

To each their own :) 4.5 on medium format is different than on 35mm

True. Your focus is a creative decision, but it may impact the acceptance of your image. The DOF front and back on your Mamiya 645 DF+ should actually be greater that that for the Canon 5D Mk III. You can go here to see the differences. Cheers -


And who says I care about the acceptance of an image? :) I love critique, but also like to see the work from people doing the cc :)

Fair enough. I'll hold back commenting on your work. Didn't mean to offend. ;)

No offense Mark. However, here is why I (and everyone else) should only listen and accept criticism from those who we can see their work.

Art is totally subjective. If we listen to everyone, we go insane and can end up hating our work because we can never make everyone happy. For this reason, I really only listen to critique from a few people who truly understand me as an artist, my struggles, and understand where I want to go. Hope that doesn't sound egotistical, it's not meant to be. I just think we need to be cautious who we let into our heads as creatives.

So what I'm trying to say is, when someone critiques my work, I go to their work first, see if they are a similar style that I'm trying to reach, and go for it from there. But yes, i do wish her eye was a little more in focus on this shot. The others I got it and too much in focus, so it was just picking the lesser of two evils :)

Make sense?