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Every once and a while I get to teach some photography mentor sessions. I don't take many pictures during these times because my work focuses on my students, but this was one of the frames I captured.
Camera: Mamiya 645 DF+
Digital Back: Credo40
Lens: Schneider 80mm 2.8 LS
Alien Bee 800 shot through a 24x36 Paul C Buff Softbox
Edited in Capture One and some NIK Software and Exposure 7

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I really love the mood of this shot. I can't decide if I really like or really hate those power lines though.

Thanks Lee! I hate them! Any idea how to fix them?

The mood is lovely, except the wires taking my attention too.
Content aware some manual cloning, would have been helped to remove them. :)

love the tones and feel of the image

Thanks Jeff.

wow, thats so beautiful!

Beautiful shot.

this is very poetic in a modern way

Deeeewd this is legit! Stuff those power lines though :( I love the light in this image. Did you fire your alien bee at full power? I was wanting to try and get a similar look with an ad200 but wasn't sure if I could pull it off. Either way i enjoy your work! have a follow!

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