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Good Shepherd

The light had already faded, a result of a long ATV ride back from visiting the flock on a distant pasture. Fortunately we packed our ATV's with as much equipment as they could hold, including a background stand and some white seamless paper.

We set up the backdrop in the middle of the star-covered field and has this wonderful Shepherd stand in front of it. Just then a baby lamb walked by and she gently picked it up and started to hold it.

We set up a large Paul C Buff Octabox camera left and had a small reflector camera right for bounce. Graded in Exposure 7 with the background texture added in post.

Canon 5DMK2, 85 1.8 Lens.

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Excellent work!

Thanks John!

great portrait!

I love the picture, but I would have loved it even more if the lamb had been more in focus. It feels a bit weird to me with the woll being in focus but its head not as much.

Great work!

I can't stop looking at this. Wonderful!

I like it, but I agree the lamb's head either needed to be in focus, or the entire lamb be shifted slightly out of focus. My guess is you used your 85mm lens wide open at 1.8, or very near it and lost enough DOF to blur the lamb's head. Either that or he moved a bit, but I'm guessing your lens was wide open. Also, the eyes look a little over processed, as does the skin on her face. If you did none of that, you got a very interesting shot, with an almost painted portrait look to it - naturally. Nicely done at any rate.

Beautiful. Could you describe the Exposure 7 process in more depth?


love this. thats some awesome light

Brilliant light on the face. It shows great details.

(As much as I despise animal "agriculture"), photographically this is a beautiful work.

Thank you.

really love the grading and the moment .

Nice lighting and expression