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The Pen Rider

This photo was taken on assignment for my work at KansasBeef. The assignment was pretty straightforward and simple, head to a local feedyard and photograph the pen riders and their interaction with cattle. A pen rider is a person who knows animal healthy and rides through the animals on horseback making sure the animals are healthy. If a veterinarian is a doctor, these individuals are kind of like the nurse...but don't tell them I said that. They're with the cattle every single day, rain, sleet, snow or shine. They know every single pen and how they react and are constantly looking for any signs of illness. They do all of this on horseback.

This particular cowboy is bundled up this morning because it was about 5 degrees. We were out riding for about 30 minutes already when the sun began to rise. I had my Nikon D810 and a 24-70 on, so I tried to compose the shot while hanging off a fence to get the sun rising right behind him. Luckily, it broke through the clouds at just the right time.

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