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Every morning Maggie (age 8) delivers milk to bottle calves by pedal tractor.

Maggie lives on a ranch in Central Kansas, and her family takes care of their wheat farm, corn farm and a few hundred head of cattle. This year there were a few calves whose cows couldn't take care of them, so they brought them back to their house and bottle feed them several times a day.

When I heard about this, I knew I wanted to document it. So, I set up my camera and lights while she was mixing the milk replacer and captured this shot as she pedaled past me on the way to take care of her calves.

I lit this with three lights. The first was an Octa camera left to simulate daylight, then a beauty dish on axis to provide a punch fill and then a single silver reflector to punch some light onto the bottles.

Photographed with a Credo40 and Schneider 80mm lens and three AlienBee 800's

80mm · ISO 50
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