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Feeding Time

"Ok, can you throw the hay bale just a little higher this time? Ok, this time, try making it go about three feet to the right. Ok, this time, I want you to throw it where you originally did." This rancher definitely showed me patience. I have to photograph my subjects, farmers and ranchers, at their job site. This means we can't really slow down. Every minute it takes me to take a photo means a minute they have lost on the job,.

The motion blur was a happy accident resulting from cheap strobes (Alien Bee 800's), but I'm happy with it. I fired the strobe through a large Octabox camera left. I also had a beauty dish firing from behind him to bring a little separation on the blue jeans.

Gear data
Camera: Mamiya 645 DF+. Credo40 back, Schneider 80mm lens

ISO 50, 1/200. 6.5

Edited in C1 and graded in Exposure 7.

Camera Gear

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I sure like the theme, but it looks too 'studio'. imho. I think the light on his face is too bright, like he's throwing it at a fire.