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Part of my Kansas farmer and rancher documentary series. The sun was just perfect today and cooperated beautifully.

Mamiya 645 DF+, Credo 40 back, Schneider 80mm 2.8 LS. A large octabox with an Alien Bee 800 camera left and a white reflector on the right, held by his daughter, served as fill. Processed and color graded in Capture One. Post production in PS included some NIK software and Exposure 7.

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Bangin' shot!

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great balance of light

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Has a McNally quality to it... very cool!

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Great shot

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The lighting brings out all the character in his face. Wonderful

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Superb lighting!!!


Gorgeous and Epic picture. Well done!

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Great shot

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Great portrait! You feel as if you know a lot about this man just from this shot. What a portrait should do.

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wow loving those details...

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5stars all around, exquisite photograph

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OMG super awesome

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Excellent light

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Love this. Right up my alley.

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One of my favorite portraits ever.