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We were supposed to get hammered by 3 inches of rain and 30mph winds. I bought some golf umbrellas and went out to this shoot. Instead, the rains never came but we did have 20mph wind.

I only had my Schneider 80mm lens but wanted to get lots of the sky in, so this is a 4 image stitch.

Settings: ISO 50, 1/400th, F4.5

Lighting: Paul C Buff Octabox camera right full power

Mamiya 645 DF+, Credo 40 Back, Schneider 80mm Lens

Processed in Capture One and graded in Photoshop and Alien Skin Exposure 7

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Very nice image. Horses need to be photographed at least 70mm or they look distorted. So you had the right lens

Thanks Gigi. I rarely ever photograph people with horses for that reason. The 35mm equivalent of this shot was technically 62mm, but it was a 4-image stitch so who knows what it really was lol.

Great composition

Thanks man.

very nice

I love it!