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White On White Frame

Another from test shoot featuring the rougher industrial aspects of the photo studio mixed with more refined fashion and props. There are several large windows facing west so it is filled with light in the afternoons. I am very lucky to have access to this space. I thought that an interesting theme for this shoot would be white-on-white fashions in the white industrial styled studio.

I worked with an experienced editorial fashion stylist on this shoot. The model is from Wilhelmina New York. We captured 4 different looks to illustrate this theme combining the airy white fashion with the slightly grungier white industrial aspects of my studio.

This shot is a mixture of natural daylight from the window and strobe to fill in shadows. The bulk of the exposure is from the window with 4x8 Foamcor reflector panels on either side of the crop. I took a large sized softbox at a low power setting and bounce it into the reflective silver ceiling for additional shadow fill. The result is a natural looking back-lit situation with enough front light to show the features of the dress and the beauty of the model.

I used my D810 and D800 cameras for this shoot with the D810 being the primary. I only used the two lenses that I generally rely on the most for the entire layout: the 85mm Zeiss Otus f1.4 and the Nikon 105mm f2.0 DC.

85mm · f/3.5 · 1/160s · ISO 400
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