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White Fashion Shoot Headpiece

I set out to do a test shoot featuring the rougher industrial aspects of the photo studio that I recently moved into. The floors and walls are painted white and there are several large windows facing west so it is filled with light in the afternoons. I am very luck to have access to this space. I thought that an interesting theme for this shoot would be white-on-white fashions in the white industrial styled studio.

I got an experienced editorial fashion stylist and booked a model from a big-name agency for the test shoot. We captured 4 different looks to illustrate this theme. Combining the airy white fashion with the slightly grungier white industrial aspects of my studio.

This shot was entirely natural light. I placed the model on artist-made stool in front of white wall and in between two windows. I used large white and silver Foamcor reflecting panels to bend the window light around to fill in the face and body of the model. Camera/lens were place in the opening between two of the reflector panels.

105mm · f/3.5 · 1/125s · ISO 200
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