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Out of the Shadows

Here is a Guinea Turaco that was as good at modeling as it was flying.

Nikon D 750
130mm · f/2.8 · 1/500s · ISO 1600
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jerad armijo's picture

love this one!

Daniel Gomez's picture

Thanks man! Can't wait to get some more wildlife shots.

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I want to shoot the Bald Eagle!!!! I found a great place to watch them, but will need to plan a trip to do it! The Lower Klamath Lake Sanctuary!!! RIGHT NOW is the time to see them too! :O (Jan-Feb)

Daniel Gomez's picture

I hope you find them! Birds typically hunt early morning around sunrise and again at sunset so if you try then you may have great success. Make sure to use as fast a shutter speed as possible and good luck.

MIKE TAYON's picture

Great advice, thank you!!!!! :)

Chris Jablonski's picture

Very striking! What an offbeat, dramatic composition! Love those soft OOF leaves on the left, complementing the amazing bird. Beautiful.

Daniel Gomez's picture

Thank you, this is my all time favorite wildlife shot. I was so close to this bird and the lighting inside the pavilion could not have been more perfect. I was sad on this cruise that I wouldn't get to photograph any sunrise or sunsets at our destination so this was a real treat to receive along with photographing lots of candids of my family. The drinks also made up for the lack of landscape shooting ;)