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Lindsay Adler Shows a Creative Way Of Using a Window As a Light Source

Portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler is not only a great photographer, but also a superb educator. Just recently she did a session with creativeLive on studio lighting, and also taped a new show with Framed Network. In her most recent video, Lindsay shows a very cheap (between $0 and $20) way to create beautiful soft light just by using your window and some black foam core. No need in expensive strobes, no need in extra equipment. and the results are amazing.

The trick? shoot low. Instead of shooting right in front of the window and making the light look flat, move your model to a sitting position, and shoot when the light source (The sun coming from the window) is above the subject. This trick modifies the light and carves out the cheekbones and jaw-lines, which gives depth to the photo. To add to the effect, Lindsay gives another tip: use black foam core next to the model to block some of the light coming in and shape the light even more. 2 simple tricks that involves no expensive equipment or studio space. Anyone can do it.


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Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

I use my window often.. i must do it even more often! :)

August Young's picture

negitive fill ;-)

Caitlyn Chapman's picture

awesome. Love window light. And simplicity.

Norshan Nusi's picture

She got the right points there...Great tips! The picture turns out great as well.

But the model looks creepy to me....

Andy Kerr's picture

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. —Sir Francis Bacon

Andreane Fraser's picture

Beautiful! Ever since I started using strobes, I barely use natural light anymore... This makes me want to shoot natural light portraits!

Seagram Pearce's picture

My gran always told me, KISS: Keep It Simple Silly! (the gran-friendlier version)

Lorenzo P's picture

I'm In love with Lindsay!!

Lindsay Adler's picture

Lol. :D Thanks!

Julio Cesar Pereira's picture

I like using natural light from a window. Thanks for the tip, very useful.

Kornel Flint's picture

Only thing i would change is to iron the background, that will save quite some time in post:P
Other than that great tip:)