Multiple Ways To Use A Reflector To Light Your Subject

A few weeks ago we posted a video by SLR Lounge that we called "The New iPhone Fashion Shoot." In that video a reflector was used to light a model and the results were fantastic. In the video below Pye takes us through a few of the ways that you can use a reflector to get similar results.

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Fantastic tutorial.  Straight forward, basic, and very easy to understand.  Way to go SLR Lounge!

Would have liked the examples to be shown with more duration

Just use the pause button my friends :)

Thanks for a really good tutorial! As Tarrith, I also would have seen the examples with more duration in the video, but all pictures is avalible on their facebook page.

Really useful, just goes to show what can be done!

Helpful video, but I am the only one who thinks the pictures look better before the LR and PS editing?
Seems all he does is blowing out the whites even more and adding contrast to to loose gradients in the dark and light parts of the image.

I agree with you as well but the LR and PS edits are good as examples of what could be done and not necessarily what should be done.

Not trying to be preachy Jockemon, but
keep in mind that post production is just as stylistic as any other part of this art. While there are definitely wrong ways, there can literally be hundreds of "right" ways of producing an image, to say an image "should" be done a certain way is rather presumptuous. I produced
these based on my vision for the scene having a slightly vintage feel, I am sure some would agree with you, while many wouldn't. Also, remember that screen calibrations
make a big difference in what you see. On our studio's spyder calibrated
displays, they are not blown, nor are they in their print form. 

Nah you right. Blown out. That brown filter harms the shot IN MY opinion. His originals are very nice though. He needs to just leave them as is because they look NOICE!

I thought exactly the same thing when I saw the first photo edited. It's not just you... The LR edits were ok but the PS edits didn't do it for me and I felt they actually made the photos worse...

I really enjoyed the video, especially at the end with the scrim + reflector combination, huge difference. 

RE JOCKEMON -- I think your the only one! Editing is part of the reason why people pay me.

Thank you for putting the effort to helping others.  It was very helpful to me.  I hope to see more from the SLRLounge. 

Great simple video! As far as the editing technique goes, anyone claiming he is doing something "wrong" should be posting a link to their work which shows us the "right" way to edit a photo.
Editing is a very individual thing, you might not like it which is all good, but that doesn't mean it's done in a way that is wrong!

Well explained tutorial for beginners. Clear and short. One thing I would do is to show the original-without-reflector, again, right after the Edited-with-reflector and do that 2,3 times so as to really see side-by-side the before/after effect. Does that make sense?

The duration of the slides, as mentioned above, isn't as important for me because you can just hit pause if you want to see it longer, but going back and forth on the timeline is annoying.

Yeah, I probably should have done some more back and forth between the no-reflector + reflector. I was a bit worried about the running time though, keeping it short and sweet. 

You can check out all of the original and edited files on our facebook page at

This was really helpful. I appreciate the post.  Time to go play at the beach :-D.