A Million Tshirts And One Photo Studio

Full time photographers aren't the only ones with working studios these days. Why would you outsource your photography if you need new images on a weekly basis? Tshirt company Threadless recently showed the guys over at Photoshelter how they use photography in their own business. What's unique about the products shots on the Threadless website is that they aren't the typical white studio shots or stock images of models wearing generic shirts. Instead, many of the shirts are actually photographed at the in-house studio or on location around the office. It's pretty amazing to see how photography is being used in businesses like Threadless considering so many other sites have stuck with the traditional boring photos. After the video, check out some of their most popular shirts here.

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I have been waiting to read about their photography for the longest time! Thanks so much for finding this!

Fun. I did product photography for a pretty big clothing store online and it was NEVER this fun.

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I have that same portable beauty dish...works wonders! Cool post!