How To Photograph/Film A First Descent

Many photographers claim that they will never shoot a wedding because there is too much pressure. If you miss some of the key moments, you will never get another chance. I agree with this to an extent but at least weddings have hundreds of "moments" over the course of a day. If I miss a couple, it's usually not a big deal.

A first descent is another story though. In the video below, Lucas Gilman shows us all of the work that goes into capturing just 5-10 seconds. When it comes to something like this, there is absolutely no room for error.

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Lubin Tasevski's picture

Cool video. What was used on the back of the kayak? Was it a gopro?

Joop van Roy's picture


I was wondering the same thing about the camera on the rear of the kayak. It doesn't look like wide angle distortion.

Patrick Hall's picture

and it looks really smooth for 60fps with twixtor...but I can't imagine any camera with more frames able to be placed there. It's gotta be a gopro.

check the parts list supplied at end of video. Fantasea FP7000 underwater housing rated to 200 feet can mean only one thing. The camera on the back of that kayak was the Nikon P7000 for that housing fits that camera. The camera is good but a cheapie at $450 so a throwaway

amazing. the background music really intensified it. i'd loovvvvvveee to have that much gear to pull off a shoot like that. bravo.

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Really interesting POV from the kayak, although I don't think that kind of work would be my cup of tea :P.

Definitely a great post though guys.

Interesting video, but just tells me I'm not rich enough or brave enough to do this kind of shooting.