BTS: Comedian Richard Herring's Creepily Dark Comedy Poster Shoot

British comedian Richard Herring's new comedy tour poster needed to have a creepy Halloween theme to it. His new tour's theme was death and what better way to illustrate that than having the comedian climb his way out of a grave. London-based photographer Steve Brown walks us through how he planned for the shoot, built the set and shows a time-lapse on his post-processing. It just shows that a properly planned shoot can have amazing results.


Video shot and edited by: Ben Grubb

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Such artistry! Great job. Just wondering how much he was paid.

Awesome! I'm loving the new wave of BTS videos that are more than just shaky video of the model getting ready.

Really informative and professional BTS. Impressive amount of preparation done for this shot but it shows in the finished piece. I would have liked a little more info on the post-process and compositing process, colour matching Richard's image and the many background pieces but I guess at the end of the day it's not a tutorial video!

Thanks for taking the time and effort to produce this great BTS.

I second this. What I'm after is more BTS on composits. I mean it seems like there´s a thousand beautyshoots and as many about basic retouching.

Complex project. Way complex.