Full Tutorial On Mastering Studio Light

We have featured many of Mark Wallace's excellent tutorials with Adorama TV, and it is apparent from the comments that everyone appreciates his simple and thorough explanations. Recently Mark released a full length DVD that covers a wide range of topics for all levels of photographers. There must be over 15 different lighting setups, and he covers everything from portraits, headshots, fashion, and glamour to camera gear, light modifiers, and the properties of light.

We always feature quality videos for free on Fstoppers, but we also realize a lot of work can go into these extensive DVD tutorials. If you've enjoyed the tutorials Mark has given for free, take some time to check out his Studio Lighting Essentials DVD. If you prefer a more hands on approach, Mark has several Studio Lighting 101 classes which we hope to check out ourselves next time we are in Phoenix, AZ.

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a hundred and fifty dollars.
for two DVDs.
better be Blu-ray.
I know we all spend way too much on camera equipment, but I think $150 for 2 DVDs is over-priced.

Patrick Hall's picture

How much do you think a private lesson would be worth? Like Lee said, there is a good chance you will learn more from this $150 set than you would from a semester or two (or 4 years) at an art school.

Just curious though, how would Blu-ray add value to this package in your eyes?

Blu-ray would only explain the extra cost i mean.

it's not that i don't think it's worth it, it's that I think the calculated profit margin is likely through the roof. kind of a considerably less extreme version of the lightsphere ;)

Garrett Graham's picture

Haha well said! I just paid Joel Grims $99 for a 40 minute video on post processing. Consider peoples time and talent, it is a small price to pay.

Roy Adrian Cornel's picture

Even if I just learn only one (1) technique that will improve my shooting ability out from this S150.00 DVD, I would say it's worth the purchase....

"You better be seeking knowledge than better equipment, cause equipment is not going to make u a better photographer..." Joey Lawrence

Education isn't cheap, but quality education is definitely worth it. I've spent more on a text book before. And really, is $150 THAT expensive? If I get better I can eventually charge a higher rate, thus earning that $150 back pretty quickly. I charge more for a senior session than that and pixels are free, right?

Totally agree. My college cost 30k per year and my photo class didn't even own a single studio light.

$150 isnt that bad considering the knowledge you can get from this sort of DVD considering its a shortcut to learning the long way.

However you can save your 150$ by:
Assisting for a professional working photographer..
Watching tons of videos on youtube that are 50% good and 50% bad and 149% annoying
Just get some lights and experiment its not that hard to figure out lighting once you connect with it.

So check this out you can even RENT this video off youtube for $30 bux..
hows that for savings ;-)

Anthony Luke's picture

I charge $100 hr for my one on one sessions. So $150 is not expensive at all. But that being said it is better to learn from someone who's work you admire.

$90 to ship the DVD to Germany from the USA! That is rediculous. Why not offer it for download instead, even on a per chapter level, as I would purchase it then, but not if they have to ship it over the ocean. Come on, get with the program, ship electronically!

$150 is only THAT expensive because it's $150 on top of all the other little things that a photo/video guy must buy.

I'm sure it's good info, but I dont doubt he'd sell a lot more if they were at $60 or so.

Patrick Hall's picture

it's really not that much though if one tip on it can make you $150 in a session. We are about to release a DVD ourselves; people might fall down dead after reading this :/

I agree with that, but honestly, how many of your readers are making $150 a session? I make $60 for head shots, and I shoot real estate videos for $299. That's on a good week.

While I don't mean to devalue the product, I think its more likely/realistic that a lot of your readers are either weekenders, or struggling professionals like myself, who like me have a long list of things we'd all like to purchase that are ONLY another $150, $200 etc......

Fact is, the cheaper items I buy first.

Patrick Hall's picture

I think our readers make anywhere from $0 - $800 a session. I completely believe that your success comes from how expensive you are and if a small percentage of your market can support that price (the higher end clients). If you start charging twice the amount of your competition and have images and an experience that is worth its weight, I think anyone can make their business bigger than it currently is. I've seen too many photographers prove this point to me that I think it's 100% true. No established photographer should be stepping out the door for less than $100 a session and if they are then it's marketing they need to work on not photography.

All that being said, this disk might not be for every photographer out there or every one of our readers. We just thought it was cool and I think it might help those looking to push their studio photography a bit.

Chad Westover's picture

Mark spends a considerable amount of time and energy releasing tons of free videos and has done so for years. A lot of work and money went into the production of this DVD. I got to hang out for a day on the set when he was shooting it. He's a great photo teacher and if you want to learn about studio lighting, this is really a bargain for what you get.

$150 is too much if I don't get to also have dinner with all those girls in the video. People say $150 is too much because you can ALMOST youtube all of this stuff. Heck he probably puts this stuff up on youtube for free. I GOT A HOLD of Joey L's dvd and I was like, "phew, glad I didn't spend the $300 on this stuff, because I already know how to layer mask and losslessly dodge and burn. Is Joey L sick nasty with the camera, YERP, but those expensive dvd's just isn't where its at unless you totally don't know anything about photography. These dvd's should be $50, where do you get $150? Where do I get $50? That's all I have this week after trying to date women. bwahaha.

They should give these videos away free with the stuff they sell at Adoroma anyway. Heartless bald man he is. This is half the price of the Soprano's box set minus the Meadow Soprano.

Heartless bald man he's not, only if you knew Mark you would think a lot different.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mark when he did the pocket wizard shows in Manhattan
and he is one of the coolest men you would ever meet and a damn good teacher at that.

I was joking.

And Pat that dvd you are bringing out bettah not have that same black dude in it. He's wearing out his welcome like Charlie Sheen jokes.

rebeleight's picture

Its not the price of the DVD thats going to worry me, ($100 would be better) It's absurd price of delivery to Australia $98.14. = $248.00 for a DVD, What is the DVD going to be sitting in Business Class??? Forget it! Im not a professional but would like to have the knowledge and at this price I can have a one on one course done. Typical UPS.

Patrick Hall's picture

I think it's just really expensive to ship overseas. When we send Photoflex the shipping info for our Forum Photo Contest, a lot of the time the shipping is more expensive than the product itself. I've stopped selling overseas on Ebay for a few reasons and shipping was one of them. That's just the nature of living in a place that's hard to get to. I guess we will have to deal with this issue when our DVD wraps up....any suggestions?

I can definitely deal with waiting a couple weeks for something to reach me. Last time I ordered from Adorama it took 3 days and cost me over $200 in shipping (although I saved several times that by not buying it here in Switzerland....)

have at least two shipping options, and don't make the DVD packaging too much larger than the DVD.

That, or offer a download option, although I definitely understand why you'd want to refrain from the direct digital way. All the benefits, but one big handicap: everyone will be copying it to the hard drives of their friends.

Copying to friends' hard drives will happen regardless if it is downloadable or from the DVD. Surely you know that. People who make their stuff hard to get, makes it hard to get...

As I said before, what about DOWNLOAD, after all, this is the internet age, or? Sell the stuff in chapter format for download, that we we do not have to pay any shipping or pay for any chapters that does not interest us. Who needs a stinking plastic casing that's only going to the bin (or collect dust) after it was opened.

Hear hear! I say, make the stuff downloadable. Why bother with shipping physical stuff when the stuff that is being sold is knowledge and not the hardware? It costs about $90 or so to ship to Germany.

Josh Tripodi's picture

You guys are NUTS... how many of you sell an 8x10 for $60.00 when you paid $2.00 for it because you know how much money and time and knowledge it took to actually create it.... same thing here. Cough it up, choppers.

People still do prints?

Josh Tripodi's picture

Yep, they do and that right there is why you have no money my friend.

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