Behind The Scenes As Philip Lee Harvey Travels To Venezuela

In this short behind the scenes video, photographer Philip Lee Harvey takes to the sky, as well as the earth, for shooting images of Angel Falls in Venezuela. This expedition hits home with Philip, as he looks to follow the same path that an aviator named Jimmie Angel took when he became the first american to discover the area in 1933. With this backstory towing the line, Philip's shoot becomes that much more interesting of an adventure.

This looks like beautiful country, and since it's so remote and requires a lot of arrangements to get there, it seems to remain quite unspoiled. Thankfully artists like Philip have the passion to enter these areas and bring back beautiful imagery and stories. In this video you can see the planning all comes together when early morning light, combined with a helicopter vantage point and a turn of a polarizer results in some fantastic images.

©Philip Lee Harvey2-1

©Philip Lee Harvey 4-1

To see more of Philip's work, head over to his portfolio website.

All images © Philip Lee Harvey.

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Talk about a dream assignment! I liked how he (quickly) pointed out that his locations and timing where made with lots of previous research. Even if you are shooting with the most humble of kits, knowledge of when the sun is where, and what local conditions for clouds, fog, mists, etc are factors that you can adapt to.

An extraordinary and magical place, when you want to come let me know, I am tour guide Canaima National Park. here are some photos taken by me .. with humility my Sony alpha A65.

ah, the real name of Angel´s Falls is "KEREPAKUPAI VENÁ"

is given by the natives before arrived Jymmy.

Facundo Luzardo's picture

Am I the only one who could not stop thinking... "UP! UP!"???