[BTSV] The Making Of Canon's 5d Mark III Promo Video, Radball

You may remember Canon's promo video for the 5d Mark III that I posted a couple of weeks ago, which showcased the, ehem, interesting sport of Radball. Love it or hate it, I think we can at least agree that it was pretty entertaining. Canon recently released a companion to the promo video which goes behind the scenes into the filming of the piece.

While it does seem a little heavy-handed with the marketing lingo and buzzwords, there are some neat little tricks that they used that would definitely be of interest to the videographers out there. It also affords us a nice look into a high-budget promo video for a large company like Canon, and if you aren't up-to-date on all the features of the 5d Mark III, it's worth a watch.

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pookiepookieca's picture

Rad all looks quite interesting (and for those younger than me), the video, not so much.

phcphcphcphc's picture

 Im amazed that it takes a crew of 20 people to make a simple video like this. If I were to make a similar video for a client I would do it on my own, and get very close to the same result.

Im not amazed of the final result...?
btw. dos anyone know the song?

Of course they don't make a video showing how awesome it is shooting stills... damn video is taking over my profession! and canon is pulling away from stills!!! time to switch back to Nikon?

a. tnb's picture

I gotta say,  this is the best thing Canon has ever done.  They have totally made it so I can hang on to my mk2 and feel completely comfortable.  The mk3 does not have anything that I need as a photographer that the mk2 doesn't.  This is awesome, thank you Canon for everything.

Mike Folden's picture

The audio monitoring, 60fps and long record times make this a pretty sweet camera for video. I shoot a lot with a 60d and 5dmk2 for my production and the long record time for interviews would be so nice. Not to mention, if I could shoot regular speed and slow motion on one camera instead of two, my workflow would be sped up quite a bit. It's just so pricey!