The Passion Of The Storytellers: Corey Rich's Film "Dedicated" Spotlights Pro Photographers

Corey Rich just released his new film, "Dedicated," which reveals the hard work and perseverance of 3 professional photographers. Each shooter profiled has their own version of what it takes to perform at the highest level and produce great work. A behind the scenes video is in the full post.

The photographers featured are Dave Black, Robert Beck and George Karbus.

A behind the scenes video was put together as well, and shows how they captured some of the great shots in the film. I actually found this piece to be more insightful because Corey breaks down and compares how each of the other photographers approach their subject matter. It is very interesting to see these masters at work, all with another amazing photographer analyzing and interpreting along the way.

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John Barduhn's picture

soooooooooo. Good.

Would they be making a BTS of the BTS? By the way, the video is so good. I lost track of time. On the part of the D4s AF working so well (In the BTS testimony), i wonder how it pits against Panasonic's new GH4 AF? Anyone?

Realy amazing and inspiring for everyone like me who have lost that same passion on capturing life, because we all are rounded by life and sometimes are not able too see it.