The Symbolism And Storytelling Of "Into The Mind" Revealed In Behind The Scenes Video

This year's most notable ski film, "Into The Mind" wasn't just your average sports reel. Camp 4 Collective and Sherpas Cinema put together a visually striking feature, along with a narrative that is filled with symbolism. In this behind the scenes video, the filmmakers discuss how certain shots came about, and how the story elements came together serendipitously.

The forces of nature kept Dave Mossop and Renan Ozturk from filming the landscape, so they turned their attention to the people and culture in Nepal. This led to some amazing opportunities to capture inspiring images of a local Sherpa named Karma Tsering.

If you enjoyed films like Samsara or Baraka, you might also enjoy Into The Mind. World class cinematography is interspersed between segments of the best skiers tearing up amazing snow lines around the globe.

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I am so glad to be the first to comment.... You guys are my HERO!

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A Visual Master Piece!!!!