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Tyler Stableford Beautifully Captures The American Outdoors For Cabela's

In this behind the scenes video, you can get a glimpse into the production of a short film and a series of spots for Cabela's new outfitter line. Tyler Stableford directed this project, and Anson Fogel was one of the Directors of Photography. The work done by their team resulted in some spectacular images that portray the connection that outdoor enthusiasts feel with their natural world. Click on for the final short and links to the interview series.

The use of natural light really gives these images a warm, outdoorsy feeling, and the color treatment is spot on. The crew traveled all over the US, from Texas and Colorado to Florida and Kansas. This enabled them to accurately capture the unique settings of each of these places, rather than trying to shoot all of it in the same area. Trying to shoot sunrises and sunsets for optimal lighting, scheduling was definitely tough on the crews, but looking at the footage you can tell that it was very much worth it.

You can see more from this series on Cabela's website.

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Storytelling simplicity at its finest.

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