Adobe Photoshop Mix and Fix Add Support for Split View, iPad Pro, and the Apple Pencil

Adobe Photoshop Mix and Fix Add Support for Split View, iPad Pro, and the Apple Pencil

I don't have specific numbers. I don't even have vague numbers. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me Adobe's mobile photo editing apps have seen a huge success. The biggest reason: they're free. And the second: they really work, which makes the first reason even better. Today, Adobe updated two of these apps, Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix, with support for split view in iOS 9, for the screen size of the iPad Pro, and for the pressure and tilt sensitivity of the Apple Pencil for use on the iPad Pro.

There's no need to say that this undoubtedly helps put Apple's iPad Pro even more into the running as a tool for serious creative professionals (Disney already loved it on day one). Adobe's suite of multiple photo editing apps might seem odd to some, but in reality, it's a brilliant way to spread the power-hungry algorithms of some of the most advanced photo processing techniques over the resources of our mobile devices. And the integration between each app is impeccable. Adobe makes it easier than ever to bring an image from one application into another, into another, into another, and back to the original. It's better than the desktop experience, even. And even given Adobe's latest desktop software woes, that's still saying a lot.

Speaking of which, where on Earth is that Lightroom 6 update we've been promised which will bring us back to the greener pastures on which we used to graze?

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geordie hutchings's picture

Pff Lightroom and Photoshop desktop on surface pro 4 is the best way to go