Adobe Finally Updates Creative Cloud Desktop Client to Solve Infuriating Pop-Up Issue

Adobe Finally Updates Creative Cloud Desktop Client to Solve Infuriating Pop-Up Issue

For those with Creative Cloud subscriptions, you may have been rudely and often interrupted by Adobe's Creative Cloud desktop client popping up in your menu taskbar (a very similar phenomenon occurred with both Mac and PC platforms). For such an annoying issue, it took Adobe quite some time to come to our rescue, but we can finally celebrate a new kind of independence. Alas, my migraines are finally fading — CC now politely stays where it belongs. That is all. Make sure you update. Have a nice day.

In the interest of time, further reading is certainly not necessary. But in the equal interest of thoroughness, the new update also promises new, general bug fixes alongside a fix so that “the Exchange plugin will now correctly install Adobe Add-ons.”

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Spy Black's picture

An alternative to this crap must be created. We can't just be sucked into this forever.


what "crap" is it you speak of, exactly

Spy Black's picture

Um, the entrapment of this subscription model?

Javier Larroulet's picture

So you'd rather go back to paying thousands (literally) of dollars for access to the whole suite?
Yes, you can say it's a perpetual license and whatnot, but you wouldn't benefit from perpetual improvements and bugfixes.

To me, the subscription model is a lot more convenient financially

Spy Black's picture

Did you ever stop think that what cost you thousands before doesn't know? Why is that? Guess what, it didn't have to cost thousands, but that's the way greed works.

And, yes I would rather have a standalone installation, because more often than not they are stable. I don't fix what isn't broke, and you know what, we had software updates before too, and we also had the choice to accept them, because sometimes software updates screw things up. I never have auto-update on any of my apps for that reason. I don't fix what isn't broken, and if it is, it's my call.

Javier Larroulet's picture

And it's cool as long as it is your choice.
Two schools of thought here. While I value stability, I also value added features in a continuous fashion (think of an Agile/scrum software developing instead of a traditional cascade-style developing). 99 out a hundred software updates won't cause a single negative impact. I'll take my chances and update. The accumulated gain is far greater than an ocassional bug that will get squashed quickly.
Also keep in mind. stable perpetual versions are stable but not 100% bug-free. The difference is that bugs on perpetual versions are more often than not perpetual also.

Regarding the cost, we the users tend to undervalue software. Yes, there may be alternatives that do the job almost as well as the very expensive thousands of dollars per version version. But being in the software business, I've come to understand how much investment is made to produce such software and that investment must pay off somehow. Adobe spends millions to make, market and sale the Creative Suite/Creative cloud.
To me, paying 3500 bucks for the whole suite is impossible as a one-time fee. Paying 50 bucks a month (less than what a single dinner in a restaurant for me and +1 would cost) is much less painful on my wallet.

Will I eventually pay a lot more than 3500 bucks? In the long run yes. But in the process, I will keep receiving the service of updating, bug fixing and new features. By the time I have paid 3500 bucks to Adobe, I'll be in a way better shape than I would be if I had chosen and stuck with CS6

Spy Black's picture

"And it's cool as long as it is your choice."

But I don't. That's the point of my original comment, my original point is that I would like the option, the choice. Unfortunately I don't have that choice because Adobe has a monopoly in this industry. As a freelancer there's no jobs out there for anything other than Adobe products. That's the real, bigger problem.

Alice Avenne's picture

FUCK THE CREATIVE CLOUD! #cutthatcrapout #thieves #asscloud #scamofthecentury #thisisbullshit #isthishitevenreal #tothetrashwithit #killthisdumbprogram #howtobeabunchofcorporatemoneygrubbingassholes

Eric Pare's picture

I guess it's not for everyone, but that business model is working really well for us as we use 10 of their products...

Ralph Berrett's picture


The Simplest solution is to let people choose between Cloud Licensing and Traditional Licensing.

Adam Ottke's picture

And they're SORT OF still doing that (but probably not for my guess is that any non-subscription service will be phased out soon-ish). In any case, I don't think this is an issue with subscription models of business. It was simply a really annoying bug that any software could have.

It would just be nice (and should be expected...but who are we kidding?) if Adobe could have more of a younger, thriving, excited, tech-start-up-company enthusiasm that got it to patch bugs ASAP because they want to make it CLEAR that they LOVE their users. Instead, they let us sit with these issues for weeks while we (or I, at least) want to shoot ourselves every time our "space" switches back over to the CC space because the window keeps popping up.

In this case, I think Adobe just needs to seriously examine their response to things like this. Their customer service is another area that is SERIOUSLY lacking... Fix those two things and they become the best company ever. For now, they're just okay and livable while providing the only realistic solution for any serious content creator. And that's fine, too, I guess....if you're not interested in legacy/building an indestructible brand...

But again, nothing wrong, really, with the subscription model. It really does make sense if you add it up/think about the pros/cons...

james johnson's picture

I believe the problem all stems from Adobe thinking of themselves as a manufacturer of a product instead of a service provider, which is what they are with the introduction of CC. Customers have a higher expectation of "being taken care of" when you are a service rather than a manufacturer.

So far, I don't think Adobe has quite figured out how much needed to change when they started charging subscriptions.

Wouter Oud's picture

I'd rather see them fixing the snail trail bug which occurs with the healing brush.

Nick West's picture

Yeah.. if only fixing Photoshop had been the priority, it's been nearly a month, no response other than 'the healing brush team are looking into it'. Maybe they should have at least tried it before releasing it..

Lee Morris's picture

Hah. Just yesterday we were filming with Elia Locardi and he said "man I love cc but these update pop ups have to stop"

Rick Bethem's picture

The fact that my CC app opens up a blank white screen and I can't update any software makes this useless to me.

Adam Ottke's picture

I would manually uninstall and then reinstall, then... Something must have just gone wrong for you at some point during installation to begin with... (the nice thing is that you can delete all your apps, and adobe should be able to put you right back in business if you just sign in after reinstalling CC). Good luck :-)

Rick Bethem's picture

Thanks for the guidance Adam. That's part of the problem. It won't let me uninstall because it says there's programs running even though their closed.
Someone suggested: Navigate to the OOBE folder.
Windows: [System drive]:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE
Mac OS: /User/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE folder
Rename the opm.db file to opm_old.db
Well, it won't let me delete or rename. I like your idea of deleting the apps and starting over. I guess I might loose all my actions and presets however.
Thanks again for the suggestion.

Adam Ottke's picture

Presets/actions are usually stored in an application support folder for macs (and likely something similar for PCs). You can copy that folder to save all of your plugins, actions, etc., and simply reinstall them later. I don't have a link to reference at the moment, but I'm sure you can find where all that is and how to do that with a simple google search...

Maybe that'll help alleviate some of the pains of reinstallation once you delete everything...

Rick Bethem's picture

Sounds like a doable game plan. Thanks again Adam.

Javier Larroulet's picture

Call me lucky, this error never happened to me. I'm a little shocked about it, since my laptop seems to attract annoying bugs such as this

Han Balk's picture

The update may have solved bugs but the Adobe CC client on Windows (don't know for Mac) is still vulnerable!

The Desktop client uses node.js 10.36, a Javascript version that runs on the server instead of the desktop client.

The node.js version used in the desktop client is vulnerable for OpenSSL Logjam. This was fixed in node.js version 10.39 (released 22 Jun 2015). The current node.js version is 12.6.

Read all about it at:

Nick West's picture

Any chance you could do a post regarding the very broken 'snail trail' healing brush in PS CC 2015 FStoppers?
Maybe that will kick adobe into gear..

Adam Ottke's picture

We could... But honestly, they say they're working on it. I don't know why it takes companies with a decent workforce and smart people forever to put simple fixes together. But apparently it sometimes does. I, unfortunately, just don't think that'll help much...and people already do know about it/are simply waiting, etc.... It's a bummer, but I think that's where we all stand. Just as when anyone has a bug...these things sometimes take time, unfortunately...

John Skinner's picture

Remembering the entire pitch Adobe used when trying to force this roll-out was so we didn't have to wait for fixes. They would zapp them to us at the speed of light.

Whata fail. They got us on the original CC. Then Oh Yea ! CC 2014 ( a whole new install ) and now, little issues, we're in the same boat as before. It's just shite.

Jules Evans's picture

I hate CC.

CC aside, looking at it there is very little difference between CS6 and the CS3 that I 'own' (which works fine on a 2015 27" iMac with Yosemite). If I had upgraded at each step between the two I would have paid Adobe nearly £5,000 more than I have... for what?

Make it £10 per month and I'll do it. £40 per month doesn't sound expensive but it works out at £1440 every three years (the old upgrade cycle) and means Adobe have forced me to buy an upgrade that isn't worth the extra money and I simply don't need. Wouldn't it make more sense to enlarge the user base with far cheaper prices and kill off the software pirates?

“The Master said, “If your conduct is determined solely by considerations of profit you will arouse great resentment.”
― Confucius

melanie ryan's picture

The pop up issue is back in Grrrrr!

Adam Ottke's picture

Seriously? More than once? That's sad... It hasn't happened to me at all...yet.... I guess I can be happy for myself, but I'm sorry to hear that.