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3 Reasons Why You're Failing As a Photographer

If you consider yourself an artist, with the sole intent of getting hired to create beautiful imagery and hope that people are going to come knocking at your door to buy your images, congrats! You’ve failed as a photographer in 2015.

360-Degree Panoramic Video: The Next Big Thing In Video?

I recently was introduced to Making View, a Norwegian company that specializes in creating 360-degree panoramic video. Yep, you read that right. Panoramic video. Much like a 360-degree photo tour, you can zoom and move around the video as it plays. It is without a doubt one of the coolest things I've seen in recent memory, and I can see the technology being used in some pretty incredible ways.

Vaginas Are Beautiful: A Photo Project

The best creative projects will leave a permanent impact on someone, whether that's the photographer, subject, or viewer. The best projects will move the world. Renowned sex and relationship expert Layla Martin set out to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin by showing them and their partners pictures of their genitalia, and the results are remarkably powerful and moving.

How It's Made: The $10,000 Leica Noctilux 50mm f/0.95

Leica certainly has their share of both rabid fans and harsh critics, but no matter what side of the fence you may fall on, there are two undeniable facts tied to the red dot. The first is that they are priced into the stratosphere. The second is that their lenses are almost universally the best in the world. To help illustrate why, Leica has put together a short video highlighting step-by-step what sets their glass apart from the rest of the pack.

GoPro Rival Launches Unbelievable Full Color Night Vision Camera

Low-light performance of cameras has been important for decades, but the action cameras like GoPro have always struggled due to size limitations. Tech brand SiOnyx's new camera has utterly obliterated the competition in this area.

The New Amaran F22c LED Light Is Crazy

Continuous, LED lights have become stronger and more affordable over the past decade, to the point where they're challenging a lot of strobes. The new Amaran LED might just top them all, however.

iPhone 6s Vs Sony A7RII 4k Video Comparison

Today I got an iPhone 6s and the only feature that really excites me is the option to shoot in 4k video. As I've said before, I don't care to export videos in 4k, I just want higher quality 1080p footage. I decided to do a quick test comparing the 4k capabilities of the iPhone 6s to the hottest camera on the market today, the Sony A7RII.

5 Reasons to Avoid the Canon EOS R6

Pegged to be the mirrorless equivalent of the 6D Mark II, the EOS R6 could fall at the first hurdle when it comes to stills resolution and extra features that is simply lacks.

The Truth About This Viral Photograph Is Way Better Than What You've Been Told

Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet, guys. Case in point, "We Still Coming." There has recently been a photograph allegedly supported by a text message screen-capture making the rounds online. It alludes to a wedding barbecue being crashed by a group of strangers because the bride-to-be sent out an invitation to the wrong number. Although the final communication shown, “We still coming,” is hilarious when viewed next to a photograph of a white wedding party surrounded by a group of young African-American men in casual attire. The thing is... the whole story is a lie - sort of!

DJI Phantom 3 Review - A New Perspective On The World

Since I started traveling full-time as a photographer in 2009, I’ve consistently gone out of my way to find the most awesome vantage points possible for my photography. I’ve literally climbed mountains, paddled kayaks, ridden pack mules, contracted helicopters, you name it and I’ve done it. Now, a fair bit of that work can be solved with a small, affordable DJI Quadcopter that fits comfortably into my backpack. Here’s an in-depth review of the new DJI Phantom 3 Professional based on my experience flying and shooting in Italy through Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and Cinque Terre.
You're Lazy, And What's Worse: You Don't Even Know It

We’re all working hard. We all shoot as much as we can — a lot of it for free or little pay. We do our studies or go to work and try our best to stay in shape and take care of ourselves. There are a lot of hard-working people in the world. But most are quite lazy inhabitants of this planet; and odds are that you’re one of them.

The Most Hilarious Call of Duty Promo Trailer of All Time: The KillCameraman

Featuring the one and only comedian Randall Higgins, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc has released this outstanding trailer for what they call the "KillCameraman." Poking fun at the obvious first person shooter point of view and how there's always a replay and video playback in a video game war zone. This is just an all around fun and perfect promo video to entertain us before the release of the new in-game bonus packs.

First Feature Film Recorded Entirely On An iPhone

We all knew that this day would come and it may change the way we look at cinematography forever. It is pretty amazing to think that this entire feature length movie was created on nothing more than a humble iPhone.

Newest Camera Stabilizer Could Revolutionize Cinema

Camera stabilization is always a tricky game, with no easy solution. Cheap stabilizers are often difficult to balance, and expensive ones are often bulky, and make mobilization a problem. Introducing MōVI by Freefly, a stabilization system that is expected to change the DSLR movie scene forever, and its already got award winning videographer Vincent Laforet’s stamp of approval.

Amazing Beauty Retouching Done in Video: Before and After

I don't speak Russian, but to understand what is going on in this video, you don't have to. It's amazing what can be done in post, but to be honest, I wasn't even aware the extent this could be done in video. You can see the "cloud" following her hair on the right, so I'm guessing they did some retouching on a still frame, and then motion-tracked those layers with her eyes. Perhaps? I don't know. It's pretty amazing stuff.

A Simple Way to Even Out Rough Skin Texture and Pores

In beauty and portrait retouching, one of the most important goals is to retain skin texture and keep the image from looking soft. We often however face a situation where the existing texture is unflattering and harsh. While we could heal out each pore or patch manually, this often leads to sub-par results and takes a long time. In this video I'll show you a unique, precise and fast way to target a particular texture frequency and offset it in a largely automated way.

Watch your Gear - Thieves in Russia Steal Photographer's Lens Off His Camera

Many of us travel, sometimes for work and sometimes as a tourist, but one thing I'm sure most of our readers have in common is that no matter where you travel, a camera is coming with you. This video serves as a sobering reminder that at any given time as a photographer in public you have hundreds if not thousands of dollars of equipment by your side, and as you can see this proves to be very temping for thieves with some skill in deception.

The Photography Community Lost a Special Person Today

Photographers woke up this morning to hear that Jen Burgess Thompson passed away peacefully this morning. Jen was courageous enough to share her battle with the community over the last year as we all grew to love her. Jessica Person said it best this morning, "...the photography world watched a courageous photographer, woman and mother battle cancer. She was victorious. She didn't lose her battle with cancer this morning, she sailed into victory."

This Solar Time-Lapse Photographed over Five Years Is the Coolest Thing You Will See Today

Since February 2010, NASA has captured more than an image per second for over 1,800 days to string together this amazing time-lapse of our sun. This year marks the five-year anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). To celebrate, NASA has publicly released this mesmerizing video of the sun's daily dance in sharp definition. This fascinating imagery has been released as public domain and can be downloaded for free in all its glory on NASA's website.

Review: Meet Lily, The Throw-and-Go Flying Camera

I'm not someone who is big into drones and flying cameras -- mostly because they take a lot of effort to learn how to fly. More importantly, there are typically many more things I'd rather spend my money on. Then I received an email from Antoine Balaresque, CEO of Lily Robotics, introducing me to Lily, and I threw all those reasons out the window.

10 Tip For Photographing Models in the Nude

I woke this morning to find that director Matt Rycroft, over at the Cooperative of Photography, had dropped this little gem in my mail box. In their latest video the COOPH team up with first class celebrity portrait photographer Greg Gorman, as he demonstrates how to approach a nude photography shoot.

Incredible Timelapse of Barcelona Took 480gb of Images to Create

Alexandr Kravtsov has put together what may be on my top 3 list for best timelapses. This kind of video work isn't exactly uncommon either so that placement is saying quite a bit. What's even more impressive is what Alexandr went through to make this piece. In his words it took "a broken camera, lost flash drive, near 100 subway rides, 24 000 photos, endless hours of post production and rendering and

Video is Changing: Creative Edits Reach New Heights

Video is an amazing way to showcase things when people are watching something of interest. For years, people have been glued to TV shows and movies but now there seems to be a shift to fast paced, fun edits that people can watch and be inspired by.

What's Next for GoPro: What We Might See in a Hero4

From selling belts out his van to inventing one of the most popular cameras of our day – it must be surreal for GoPro founder Nick Woodman to look back at his companies growth. Not only is GoPro the go-to for the filmmaking community, but Woodman has successfully spread into a much wider market. In the same way that the iPhone has spawned an entirely new generation of photographers, GoPro has empowered athletes to become their own camera men.

Brilliant Time-Lapse Video On Retouching A Rolex Watch

Retouching jewelry is an extremely time intensive task, especially when it is done correctly. It can involved hours of work to fix the most minute details. When it's done right, it looks effortless and this time-lapse video is no exception. The balance of artistry and technicality makes the final image what it is.

Six Photographers Shoot the Same Subject, but See a Different Person

Here's something pretty cool. Canon Australia has created a thing they call The Lab, described as "a series of experiments that are designed to take you out of your comfort zone, and get you thinking — and shooting — in a different way." Their first experiment, DECOY, involves having six photographers shoot the same man, but they are each told a different story about the actor's background.

One of the Best Presented Lighting Tutorials We've Ever Seen (Three Scenes in One Room)

This is one of the best lighting tutorials I've ever seen, being both educational and entertaining. The German-based production company, Dugly Habits, has created this lighting tutorial for the Dedolight International Competition 2015. Using the Dedolight SPS5E Lighting Kit and a handful of other lights they construct three entirely different atmospheres in one room along with a wide variety of lighting tricks to create the illusions of car headlights, candle flicker, lightening and more. What's even cooler is how they deliver this educationally rich tutorial.

Why Quadcopters and Weddings Sometimes Don't Mix

In the past year, we've seen some pretty amazing advancements in camera/drone technology. Quadcopters like the DJI Phantom are incredibly affordable and seem very easy for anyone to master. When shooting a commercial earlier this year, I had a similar mentality. "Why don't I buy a cheap quadcopter and strap a GoPro to it. How hard can it be?"

As it turns out, even small drones can be used with disastrous results.

Incredible Burning Man Time-Lapse Will Make You Wish You Were On The Playa

For those of us who didn't get to make it out to Black Rock Desert this week for the annual Burning Man Festival , we can now enjoy the experience virtually, thanks to the incredible new film Lake Of Dreams by Roy Two Thousand. Combining time-lapse, hyperlapse, and standard video, Roy, along with his second shooters, August Winkelman and Connor McNeill, give us a 7 minutes jaw dropping short film that will feel so real, you will be cleaning the sand out of your teeth for the rest of the afternoon.

The "Nikon DF" Pure Photography: Watch All Five Promo Videos

November 5: will the day live in glory or infamy? We're going to find out, as that looks to be the day Nikon will release their new retro compact full frame. Rumors are everywhere, so we'll just try and stick to what we know. There are five videos, giving you five chances to sneak a peak at this new camera.

Three Films to Watch That Will Make You a Better Photographer

One of the best ways to get better as a photographer is to watch good movies. While the aspect ratio might be different, the same rules of composition and style apply. Here are some of my favorite films that will make you a better photographer to get you started.

iPhone 5s and its 120fps Video Capabilities Impressive or a Gimmick?

The new iPhone 5s sure has left a resounding first impression on consumers since its launch date on September 20th. Now, with the smartphone favorite out of stock and not available for shipping until October people are starting to release photos and video taken with the iPhone 5s. One major upgrade is the new sensor on the iSight camera and its ability to take video clips at 120 frames per second in 720p. Below are the first few glimpses of Apple's new achievement in smartphone technology.

Within The Underworld: Photographer Spends 2 Years Inside Japan's Yakuza Crime Family

Over 50,000 members strong, Japan's Yakuza gangs make up one of the largest crime syndicates in the world. After ten months of attempts, Belgian photographer Anton Kusters was granted a meeting with "The Godfather" of the Yakuza family. He then spent two entire years capturing these dark and moody images that show what life inside the family is like from all sides of the operation.

Don't Upgrade Your Macbook Pro Until You See This

Before you shell out a ton of cash for a new MacBook consider a few DIY options that can drastically increase the performance of your machine. For me, there is nothing more frustrating than having a program take four minutes to open, having programs crash or the spinning beach ball of death. Computers, like most things, need occasional maintenance and tune ups. If you don't address this on a semi regular basis then you are wasting all those duckets you spent on your fancy Macbook Pro.

Will Video Cameras Kill Still Photography? Red Epic Vs Hasselblad

UPDATED WITH PETER'S Full RES FILES! New cameras are getting faster and faster each year. In over a decade DSLRs have gone from 6 fps to 12 fps, and now many can shoot 60 frames of HD video. We've all heard it before, "At some point photographers will just shoot video and pull the best frame out" but is this really even feasible? recently teamed up with Peter Hurley to test this theory as we compared the Hasselblad H3D-22 with the Red Epic. The results are shocking!

Finally, Canon Announces the 7D Mark II

I bought the original Canon 7D in 2011, and spent 3 years with it until literally last week. It was time to buy a new body, and eventually deliberations led me to the 6D, which arrived just last week in time for a magazine shoot. During said deliberations, however, the curiosity of whether or not the blasted 7D Mark II rumors were ever going to come to fruition delayed my purchase of the 6D for weeks. Well, as it turns out, not only is the 7D Mark II a reality now, but I also made the right decision in getting the 6D. But still, the 7D Mark II sounds pretty good in it's own right.

Colbert Slams Amazon Over Recent Photography Patent

In case you didn't know, Amazon recently put out a patent on White Seamless Studio Photography which a lot of photographers found to be quite bogus. You can read our article about that here. Colbert put out his video of him ripping on Amazon with some pretty humorous jokes and going a bit in depth into the patent they filed.

Incredibly Sad Video of How 'The Hobbit' Trilogy Was One of the Worst Films to Create and Eventually Watch

Peter Jackson's first steps into Middle-earth with “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” was incredible as it followed Frodo and his good friend Samwise Gamgee as they fight their way to Mordor in one of the greatest trilogies of the early 2000s. You can guess that my excitement level was high when they finally announced “The Hobbit” would come to the big screen in its own series, though as many could have guessed it was a terrible venture that overwhelmed its director at the high cost of making a mediocre follow-up to its previously successful trilogy.