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Fstoppers Review Of The Panasonic Lumix GH4: Is It Ready For Professional Use?

In short, no it is not. But a few minor dealbreakers are all that stand between leaving this camera on the shelf, and making it best digital camera in its class.

After nearly a month of capturing video, stills, and timelapse media with the Panasonic GH4, I laughed, I cried, and I almost threw it off a mountain. At times it was a joy to shoot with, and other times it wouldn’t even power on with a full battery. I’ll give you a complete, unbiased rundown in my full review, complete with video samples.

The Most Intelligent And Precise Way To Sharpen Images In Photoshop

With the multiple methods of sharpening in Photoshop, a big issue is that many of them are applied globally without any consideration to edges and areas with varying level of per-existing sharpness. The result of these techniques can enhance issues of fringing or inconsistent results across the image. This method by Michael Woloszynowicz is by far the most intelligent method I've seen so far.

Exclusive: RED Has Big Plans To Be Your Still Camera Maker

You read that headline correctly. After making a huge splashes in the motion-capture industry since 2005, Red has big plans to be the only camera system you use on set for both your motion AND still photography needs, and it's closer to being a reality than you would think. Prepare to have your minds blown.

Beyond the Rule of Thirds - A Masterclass in Better Composition

Sure it's easy to put off watching a video that isn't under five minutes long. Sometimes you just have to make an exception, and the weekend is the perfect time to do it. In this video, David Brommer talks about not only the rules of composition, but the theory behind the rules we all know and how they relate to our way of seeing. He takes us through the history of painting (which is the best possible thing to study for composition) and how it relates to every single image we take.

Zack Arias Debunks the Full Frame / Crop Sensor Debate

Zack Arias has always been an avid Fuji shooter (starting off with the fabulous X100) and was one of the biggest influences in my decision to finally take the plunge and co-purchase an X-Pro 1 this summer. In this video Zack knocks some sense into you about how silly the full frame / crop debate really is by reviewing the progression of different formats from eight by ten through 4:3. Take a look.

Watch a Golfer Destroy an $80K Camera

This is highly unusual, and super unlucky for both the golfer and the camera guy. Today in the first round of the British Open, Pro Thomas Bjorn chipped a ball out of the "rough" on the first hole and struck a very expensive camera. An estimated $80,000 camera to be exact. There isn't much else to say other than watch this, then check out how crazy the damage looks. Yikes.

Four Knots You as Photographer and Filmmaker Must Know

It's an ancient art-form, and it's something you need to know to get your location photography set ready for action. Have you ever needed to put up a scrim while being able to tighten it after the knot's been made? This video is for the photography and film industry

OK Go's Latest Music Video Masterpiece Shows The Power of Drones in Video

OK Go has developed a name for themselves as making some of the most iconic and creative music videos over the last ten years. In their latest music video, released today, OK Go shows off a cleverly scripted video using motorized unicycles, umbrellas, and a single take video mounted on a drone. You need to watch this deliciously clever video with an equally catchy song to back it.

How Casey Neistat is Reinventing Filmmaking with Daily Vlogs on YouTube

If you've never heard of Casey Neistat then you have probably been living under a rock for the last few years as he has skyrocketed to stardom on YouTube. His fame comes from the creation of videos he posts to the online media source labeling them as "movies" or "films." Over the last two weeks, Neistat has created a new video every single day highlighting his incredibly interesting daily life in New York City. Here are the results as he ventures into the future of filmmaking and vlogging.

This Camera Phone Ad Is Hilarious, But Sadly Not Too Far From Reality

If you have been to any sort of performance in the last few years, I think you'll recognize some of the people in this commercial. Crowds who take pictures with their smart phones, holding them up to reveal a sea of illuminated rectangles, often distracting an artist or blocking the views of others. This commercial takes this issue to an unreal level, but it's actually not that far off.

How to Properly Use the Liquify Tool in Photoshop

Liquify gets a bad rap. Its misuse accounts for a pretty alarming number of Photoshop disasters. And although it is easy to learn, it does take a great deal of time and energy to master. Luckily, Aaron Nace over at Phlearn is here to help. Known primarily as the "digital plastic surgeon" of Photoshop, the liquify tool can also be applied to tremendous effect when it comes to making clothes fit to perfection - and that's exactly what this video shows.

'Watchtower Of Turkey' - Quite Possibly The Most Compelling Film You See This Year

How are you getting people to look at and engage with your work? This is something we all have to think about constantly in today’s visually saturated market place. It’s why it’s all the more important to look at – and learn from – those producing stunning and engaging work. Let me introduce you to Leonardo Dalessandri, and his latest project “Watchtower Of Turkey”, a video that he worked on over the course of a year and quite possibly some of the best visual media you’ll see in 2015.

The Best Gimbal For The GH5 and Mirrorless Cameras

We recently got B&H to send us 6 of the most popular gimbals for mirrorless cameras. We spent hours figuring out all six and tediously balancing each of them multiple times so that you wouldn't have to. Luckily, there is a clear winner.

Why 'Valerian' Flopped at the Box Office and How You Can Learn From It as a Creative

The summer box office is a very complex orchestra of films. Filled with independent dramas, giant cast comedies, and huge blockbuster franchises all vying for a spot at the top to profit big on their investments. Sadly for "Valerian," that did not happen over the weekend even though they spent over 180 million to create it. Here is why it flopped and how you can learn from it as a creative.

When Viral Wedding Photos Attack

If you spent even a moderate amount of time on Facebook back in late September, you likely saw a viral video and photo about a wedding photographer who captured a genuinely heartwarming moment in which a bride's biological father stopped the wedding procession to grab the step-father from his seat so they could both walk her down the aisle. While millions of collective "awws" were emitted then, fast forward six weeks and now the situation has resulted in lawsuits and death threats involving the photographer.

How to Use Your Sony Camera as a Webcam

With so many of us broadcasting from our homes, you might be keen to know how to use your Sony alpha series camera as a webcam. Check out this quick and easy guide for how to make your Facebook Live streams and maybe Zoom conferences look a little more professional.

Is The Canon EOS 5Ds or 5Ds R Right For You?

Rudy Winston (from Canon USA pro productions team) breaks down the differences between Canon's EOS 5DS and 5DS R cameras. At $3699.00 and $3899.00 respectively these 50.5 Megapixel full-frame offerings will take some serious consideration before committing resources.

The Price Difference Between a $100 Camera Lens and $5,000 Cinema Lens Explained

The price of videography equipment has its reasons, but those justifications often remain a mystery to most of us. From cameras that cost thousands of dollars or cine lenses that are close to the price of a car, it’s hard to justify such prices to ourselves, let alone explain to your loved one why you got a new lens instead of going on vacation! In this video, Sawyer Hartman sheds light on the difference between a $100 photography lens and a $5,000 cine lens in the most comprehensive way possible.

How to Get the Perfect Portrait Angle as Proven by 'Science'

Surprisingly small changes to the position of your camera can actually make your images much more successful. Ed over at Photos In Color decided to set himself the challenge of trying to make the perfect headshot in studio conditions. While keeping the lighting and the camera distance from the model the same each time, various heights and angles were tested and carefully captured so the differences could be compared.

BTS of How Apple's Product Photographer Makes the iPhone Ad Perfect

The photography for Apple's products have become an iconic style that virtually every other technology company has tried to emulate. In a recent interview with The Verge, Apple's product photographer Peter Belanger takes us through the steps to make such an simplistic photograph come to life, using some of the most complex lighting setups imaginable.

Finally an Affordable Anamorphic Lens?

The striking and desirable visuals of anamorphic lenses in cinema have been largely gated behind a high financial entry point. Is that about to change?

Hilarious Video Pokes Fun At The Canon DSLR Video ‘Revolution’

Even wonder what goes on in the boardrooms of our favorite camera manufacturers? For many users over the last few years, there’s been regular questioning over decisions that the Big Two (Canon and Nikon) have made. Long term fans have been almost universal in their derision of both companies, citing lack of innovation, lack of meeting true user need, and 'interesting' pricing strategy as some of the reasons. True or not, this video showing “behind the scenes” of the DSLR video revolution and a parody of Canon exec thinking is absolutely hilarious.

This High Definition Video of New York in 1993 Is Surreal

If you're old enough to remember VHS tapes, you remember video quality that was abysmal by today's standards. However, even in the late 80s and early 90s, manufacturers were working to bring HD tech to consumers, and this demo reel is a surreal example of such tech.

BTS of John Wick 3: Bike Fight Scene

Every well-known movie has specific scenes it is famous for. This is the case with the bike fight scene in John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum, where we take a glimpse behind the scenes to see how the production team made that action choreography.

Behind the Scenes - Capturing a World Record Speed Attempt with Phase One

Many people go out every year to set a Guinness World Record, and for those who can succeed comes fame, money and the ultimate bragging rights. Mike Newman should know, he's already set four... but now he wants three more to hold the triple crown for land, water, and air speeds. In this video, photographer Nathan D'Amour heads out to capture Mike's attempt at driving over 200mph unaccompanied in the Noble M600, a British super car. You may be thinking 200mph is far below the current land speed record, and you're right... but this isn't just about driving fast. What makes this feat so impressive is that Mike is completely blind.

Sample Footage From The Black Magic Cinema Camera NSFW

A few days ago my buddy Bryan Bowden called me and said that he was in possession of the currently unreleased Black Magic Cinema Camera. This camera could be the next big thing in videography because it's incredibly cheap ($3000) for what you get (2.5K RAW footage). I personally only got a moment to see the camera but I asked Bryan to write up something for our readers about his very short experience with the camera and release some RAW clips straight from the camera.

Man Creates Awesome Horror Movie Trailer To Propose To Girlfriend

A Polish man proposed to his girlfriend by creating a fake horror movie trailer. Not just fake, but actually pretty good. The video was made by combining snippets of scenes from "The Grey," "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Essential Killing" and dramatic music to give that finish touch. His unsuspecting girlfriend went to the movie theatre with 2 of her friends, not knowing that night will change her life. Seeing her face when she realizes what's going on is priceless.

See the Nikon D5's Blazing Fast Shutter at Full Speed

When Nikon's new flagship DSLR, the D5, was announced this week, the fact that it achieves a maximum ISO of 3,280,000 seems to have grabbed all the attention. That is until now, with a released video showing the 12 fps shooting power in all its glory. While that may only be a measly 1 fps faster than the previous generation D4s, there's something else about this speed that is dropping jaws.

Fitness Blogger Photoshops Her Body In Video To Appease Hateful Comments

Fitness blogger Cassey Ho has released a rather wonderful short video where she Photoshops her body in real time to appease all the hateful body shaming comments she receives on her blog, Blogilates. It is a powerful look into how we as a society perpetuate this impossible beauty standard and the impact that software such as Photoshop has on what we perceive to be beautiful in todays day and age.

DJI Mavic Pro Footage in Focus

With the new reviews of the DJI Mavic Pro, there’s been one popular concern from many of us: the quality wasn’t quite 100 percent and looked a bit blurry, especially when compared with other drones. Then we shared the 4K comparison with the Phantom 4, and even though the camera specs are very close between the two, it was apparent that the Mavic quality was not quite there. The Phantom 4 was the clear winner here, but the size still made the Mavic a viable contender for many of us who would compromise portability over quality and sharpness.

The Making of an Astonishing CGI/Composite Masterpiece: "The Verge"

This truly incredible image was produced by Lightfarm Studios and was composited over a 5 week period "by seamlessly matte painting over 100 aerial pictures of giant proportions." This original artwork piece was inspired by the book “Rendezvous with Rama” by Arthur C. Clarke and the end product is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Tutorial on How To Create Detailed Grungy Athlete Portraits In Post Production

I've written about Glyn Dewis before on Fstoppers. He's a fellow Photoshop World Instructor, UK-based photographer, and has an amazing blog and youtube channel filled with great image post-production tips. In this tutorial, Glyn teaches how to add nice detail and grit to your portraits, as he did with his boxer portrait series featured here. Click to see the entire post to watch another tutorial video on this shoot.

This Videographer Used LEDs in Times Square, and the Results Are Stunning

Shooting out on location in a busy environment like New York City can be extremely difficult. When dealing with police, public safety, traffic, and pedestrians, it can often be near impossible to create the look you want without sacrificing your lighting. The way videographer David Geffin tackled these issues in his latest project, "Let's Dance," is pretty brilliant.

How To Build A Wireless Monitoring Solution For Under $350

As consumer electronics continue to improve in quality and price, there are more opportunities for professionals to save some money and create DIY solutions. I thought it would be worth sharing my latest DIY project (inspired by video director Joe Simon).

Travel Blogger Hikes From Mexico to Canada and Films One Second Each Day

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2653 mile foot path that connects Mexico and Canada via California, Oregon, and Washington. Travel blogger Mac, who runs the website HalfwayAnywhere, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and took one second of film each day to create a 3 minute video montage that shows some of the most incredible landscapes anywhere in the world.

Watch This Time Lapse of a Seven Hour Super-Composition of a Fantasy Airship Battle

Not too long ago we featured a tutorial that showed you how to make a fantasy desert kingdom out of tourist images, and thought I would share with you another amazing project by a talented artist. Alexander Koshelkov has quite an impressive resume of outrageous Photoshop compositions that excellently use real world items to create fantastical scenes. He just released this time lapse where you can watch his latest composition which took him just over 7 hours and uses 284 Photoshop CC layers.

DIY Diffusion Panels For Less Than $30

When it comes to diffusion panels, several companies have prefab "blades" intended for holding diffusion materials that fit nicely into grip heads and knuckles, but at nearly $100 a pop, buying several of them may not fit into everyone's budget. Earlier this week, fellow Fstopper Clay Cook put together an awesome post about building your own V-Flats. His post got me thinking about some of my own DIY projects.

8 Camera Hacks You Can Use in a Pinch

If you find yourself shooting B-roll or detail shots and want to spice it up, but don't have all your gear, here are eight tricks using everyday items you can find on location.

GoPro Video Shows Us the Incredible Skills of the NHL All Stars

If there is one thing I love almost as much as photography - it's hockey. And with the upcoming NHL All Star game this weekend, GoPro has teamed with the NHL to show us some POV style hockey from some of the best players in the world. The results are a surreal look into the outstanding talent that each professional hockey player processes on the ice.

Why Are Movies Shot With Ridiculously Complex Cinema Camera Rigs Instead of Simple Setups?

A video camera is a machine that has recording capabilities that captures images through an attached lens. Whether it's your phone, DSLR, film, or a digital cinema camera, that's the basic principle. But wait. You watch a behind-the-scenes footage of a movie and you see a gigantic monstrous camera that has lots of cables and gadgets. If it's the camera body and the lens that do the essential work, why complicate things that much?

How You Can Create Cinematic Lighting as a Photographer

Most photographers who learn the basics of lighting usually take light for granted. Lighting seems pretty simple at first: If there’s an absence of light, just add a strobe. Isn’t that why we all love on-camera flash?! I’m joking. Learning how to give light motivation is truly the easiest way to create cinematic lighting, and it’s a lot easier than you’d think.

Los Angeles Filmmakers Show Us What 'Grand Theft Auto' Would Look Like in Real Life

In the growing wake of low-budget, special effect action minis whose audience has become larger and larger on YouTube, Sam and Niko's "Real GTA" steps the game up once more with a perfect assimilation of the popular "Grand Theft Auto" video game into real, Los Angeles life. Complete with sound effects recreated as similarly as possible within the actual game, the same Los Angeles street scenes, and smashing special effects (like the famous wads of cash exploding out of recently killed bystanders), "Real GTA" reminds us both how ridiculous and subsequently fun it is.

10 Tips On How To NOT Get Hired Again As A Production Assistant

Everyone has to start somewhere, and for people seeking entry into the world of video production, or even studio photography, doing work as a production assistant is a great way to get your feet wet. I've hired lots of assistants, and before that I worked as one myself. I still do for some producers! Here are my tips on what to NOT do if you'd like to keep getting hired and make your way up the chain.