[News] 5dmk3 Light Leak Issue Surfaces

It seems a new issue has popped up for the Canon 5dmk3. Multiple people are reporting that there is a light leak through the top LCD panel that directly affects metering. The easiest way to detect this issue is to put the body cap on the camera body as well as cover the viewfinder. Then place the camera in "P" mode at ISO800 and press the LCD backlight button.

[News] Canon Announces New 60Da for Astrophotography!

In the age of cutting back and serving the mass consumer, seemingly little has been done to cater to smaller, more precisely defined markets. But Canon's new 60Da announced today marks an exception. The camera, now available for pre-order on BHPhotoVideo or Adorama, is Canon's first since 2005's 20Da to be specifically suited for astrophotography with increased infra-red sensitivity to better and more accurately capture the colors of the celestial sky. Find more info and photos as they unfold after the jump!

[Gear] Sony Reveals NEX-FS700, '4K Ready' and 240fps Camera Body

Hot on the heels of NAB 2012, Sony's Europe website posted the NEX-FS700E Camcorder. The hitlist of features include a Super35mm CMOS Sensor, 4K RAW output with a future upgrade, up to 240fps @ 1080p, built-in ND filters, and 50/60Hz switching. Pricing is still unannounced, but EOSHD's sources tell them it will only be $8,000! Hit the jump for actual product images and a detailed feature list.

[News] On April Fools', Canon Reminds Us of Counterfeits

Today on Canon USA's Facebook, Canon urged it's fans to remember the dangers of counterfeit products. Now we at Fstoppers have had our own experiences with faked products, like faked Nikon filters and the D7000 MB-D11 knock-off, but Canon contends the problem could be even worse if you're not careful about what you are buying. Sure, some of these products are just lower quality, but what happens if something as important as a battery malfunctions? For counterfeits, this is a serious problem.

[News] Lightroom 4.1 Update - Now With 5dmk3 Support

So you are one of the lucky ones who got a Canon 5d Mark III this week huh? After taking 15 iPhone photos of the camera box and it's contents to upload to Facebook (bragging rights) you finally take some test shots. With your hand trembling in anticipation, you eject the memory card, then open up Lightroom 4 to import your ISO 6,000,000 low light test shots to pixel peep the amount of noise at 100% zoom.

[News] Carl Zeiss Set To Announce "Super Wide" Lens

It's already been an exciting month for gear enthusiasts. Obviously, the major camera body announcements from Canon and Nikon have taken most of the spotlight. We have also seen new Pocket Wizards, as well as a shinny new version of Adobe Lightroom 4 come out. But what about the glass? Sure, Canon revised a few lenses, but I'm talking about a whole new lens. Carl Zeiss is apparently looking to step up and fill this void.

[News] Canon 1D X Available for Pre-Order!

Canon's flagship 1D X was announced quite early. But thankfully, it's now available for pre-order at B&H PhotoVideo or at Adorama! The 1D X features full 1080p video, better autofocus, an insane 12fps continuous shooting at the full 18 megapixels, and improved metering, among plenty of other features you'd expect from the best of the best at Canon. Find all the information you'd want on Canon's page. B&H even says quantity is limited, so if you want it anytime soon, pre-order now!

Happy Birthday!  Fstoppers Turns 2 Years Old

Welp we have done it again; we've made it another year! According to, we should be on our way to making sentences with 2-4 words, playing simple make-believe games, pointing out cats, dogs, and birds, and of course climbing up and down furniture without anyone's help. In all seriousness, Lee and I (along with everyone else on the Fstoppers staff) are incredibly grateful to still be sharing to this community we created back in March of 2010.