6 Tools for Properly Exposing Your Videos

While raw still image files can offer you a ton of latitude in post, but shooting raw with video is rarely an option. This is one of the reasons it is crucial to get your exposure as close to correct as possible in camera when shooting video, and this great video will show you six tools to help you get it just right.

How to Come up With New Ideas

Have you ever felt stuck with no creative idea inspiring you to create something? Even if it's in your bedroom or living room or while browsing the net, this video shows you how to save ideas and use them as reference for new concepts and to even show clients.

Learn to Tell a Story Through the Use of Color

Since the introduction of color in film, photographers and filmmakers have been using it to subconsciously tell a story, to make the viewer of a photographer or film feel a certain way, or to further elaborate on a story. How do we, as photographers and filmmakers, use color to our advantage and utilize the full potential without going overboard?

Filmmaker Creates Inspiring Shortfilm by Himself During Quarantine

This year has forced many photographers and filmmakers to take an extended break from their day jobs and stay home. The newfound stresses that come with quarantine have left a lot of us uninspired, while others have used this time to pursue projects they couldn't find time for before. One professional filmmaker used his time during quarantine to create a beautiful Sci-Fi short film, from the comfort of his own home.