Will the Panasonic S5's New Firmware Kill the S1H?

Panasonic is overlooked in a number of areas in the industry, but video is certainly not one of them. With this latest firmware upgrade, could Panasonic be cannibalizing their own more expensive camera though?

Beginning Steps to Filming Weddings

Have you been considering getting into filming weddings, but not sure where to start? Here are six first steps to help you get started.

The Canon EOS C70, a 'Fantastic Cinema Camera' With a Few Downsides

As much as photography has gained from 2020's relentless releasing of cameras, videography has arguably gained more. Canon's new, affordable (for a dedicated cinema camera) video-centric body is another stellar option with just a few caveats.

Gear Guide: Every Type of Camera Lens Explained

When it comes to camera gear, the lens is probably one of the most important piece of equipment you can buy. In many cases, upgrading your lens will probably make a far greater difference than upgrading anything else. This is why it's important for photographers and videographers to understand all the different types of lenses that are available.

Get More Cinematic Shots From Your iPhone, No Extra Gear Needed

When you look at Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” videos, oftentimes what’s left unsaid is the amount of extra gear beyond the iPhone the cinematographers had to use. Whether that’s expensive drones, camera stabilizers, or underwater gear, chances are, if it’s on Apple’s website, it’s not only shot with an iPhone.

One Simple Trick for Better Color Grading in Adobe Premiere Pro

Color grading is a profession in and of itself, which means the technical know-how, the theory, and the nuance, all run very deep indeed. However, some methods are more powerful and useful than others, and this one particular tool could greatly impact your work.

Stream Multiple Cameras to Multiple Social Networks, No Laptop Needed

2019 CES award-winning YoloBox looks like a tablet monitor when you unpack it, but it so much more than that. If you’re planning on streaming an event like a wedding live on location, it’s the only device you need to connect to your cameras and sound equipment, so you can share it with an online audience on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, all at once.