Glyn Dewis Shows You How to Save an Almost Unusable Image

In this valuable tutorial Glyn Dewis takes a quick snapshot and shows you how to pull detail from highlights and shadows to make it a beautiful image. Dewis mentions some great workflow tips and tricks in Adobe Lightroom as well as how to bring your image over, non destructively, to Photoshop camera raw.


[via Glyn Dewis - Youtube]

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Kristjan Järv's picture

RAW gives too much flexibility in post. It's just amazing.

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Richard Henderson's picture

I can open the image as a smart object in CC but double clicking it only opens a non edited duplicate. Is there a setting in CC that makes it open in Camera RAW?

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Are you using RAW or another file like JPG or TIFF? There are a couple of things it could be but I found If you just type in 'open smart object in camera raw' in google there should be answers in the Adobe forum.