DJI Announces X5 and X5R Micro-Four-Thirds 4K Cameras for Inspire 1 Drone

Traditionally offering drone technology to the creative imaging market, DJI ditched its common GoPro-oriented drones in favor of a device with its own included camera. Now, DJI offers professionals a way to capture higher-quality video in a package that is specifically suited for drone photography and that capitalizes on a larger, micro-four-thirds sensor size.
Offering iris, shutter speed, ISO, and even focus control via the DJI Go app and/or a DJI remote, users can take advantage of new levels of shooting. The most compelling thing about the new system, however, is the combination of these features with a larger, but still compact sensor and one of two lenses, a 12mm f/2 or 15mm f/1.7.
Both the X5 and X5R (“X5 Raw”) support 4K video at 24 and 30 frames per second, but the X5R has the ability to shoot — you guessed it — raw 4K footage to its included 512GB SSD as it simultaneously records compressed 4K video to a micro-SD card for a faster editing workflow. Each camera comes attached to DJI’s Zenmuse gimbal.
The X5 and X5R also support 16MP stills in JPEG or DNG formats at up to five frames per second and up to ISO 25,600. Spot metering, manual white balance, and DJI’s D-log also help round out the features of the X5 and X5R, each of which give up to 13 stops of dynamic range.
These kits don’t come cheap at $4,499.00 for the DJI Inspire 1 with a Zenmuse X5 and 15mm f/1.7 lens or $7,999.00 for the X5R kit. But pricing is relative, and these features open up creative avenues with potentially unmatched image quality in a well-weighted package for the price range. Of note, a stand-alone X5 will come in at $2,199, but X5R pricing has not yet been announced. The X5 will be available next month while the X5R kits will come in Q4 2015.
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For a company that builds robots, it's ironic that their representatives sound like robots. Besides the fact it took until 2:00 to hear what makes this mount different than the original, this is pretty cool.

Now this drone is the one to have.

Hah I just read the price. Never mind

This is exactly the camera upgrade I have been waiting for; a GH4 equivalent that I can fly on my drone.

But it's not the camera that others have been waiting for. I am hoping that DJI introduces a model somewhere between the tiny 1/2.3" sensor on the current X3 camera and the relatively enormous MFT sensor on this new X5 camera.

But the X5 is the one for me!

Is improved DJI customer support part of the $8 grand price tag?

A bit over priced for the specs in my opinion. Great for those pros out there though!

The cameras look amazing. The price, not so much. I mean, I get it... it's essentially a nice gimbal + tiny GH4, so, the price is actually about right. But, wow. I have the Inspire 1 and the X3 camera it comes with really isn't that bad, actually.

This is going to be a game changer for aerial photography ! I use the Inspire 1 and love it, I can’t wait to add the X5 to my kit. I hope they add support for more lenses, it would be nice to have some more focal lengths. This is what I use the current X3 camera for

Super excited to see this update, especially so quickly after the Intelligent Orientation Control update just last week. They are making this into an amazingly capable machine, and even more so as a solo operator as I often am.