In the moon light

Recently it was my mum and dads wedding anniversary so I made a photo for them.
I don't really know where to post this I think this is experimental enough... right?
I superglued the seeds to a stick which I put on some moss. the moon is a torch. the stars are fake. I painted them in. I put a radial filter on the moon...

A nightly stroll

A nightly stroll through Chiavenna, Italy. I had my Helios Zenit mounted on my Sony. My version of this lens is from the early 80s. My focus was laying on the bokeh. I really like the bokeh this lens is producing.

#1 View from the bridge
#2 Entrance to the Old Town
#3 The alley
#4 The fountain
#5 City flower...


The orb weavers in my backyard are extremely active these days. I found a couple of beautiful webs...
Does it always have to have a spider in it ? ;-)

Feedback very much appreciated !

Above the Crowd

We were in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware this past weekend. I took a few minutes off from shooting girls in bikinis and tried to get the gulls in front of the few clouds overhead. I really need to figure out how to turn off the autofocus.

Nuclear Power Plant | ICM

Here is a personnal vision of a nuclear power plant in France.
I wanted voluntarily a softened image while I keep exploring ICM. A sort of reverse vision about nuclear energy we can have and, in the same time, create a cloud hiding the production, and what can not be seen....

The Sphere

I have a new toy. The Laowa 100mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO. So I could not wait and used the pause in raining, to make some test shots. I found this almost perfect sphere. I have actually no idea, how these droplets hold on the leaves. But it makes it a really good minimalist image. :)

Feedback as always welcome!

Aqueduct of Gier (France)

All the infos about the acqueduct here

What did I try?
I'm steel trying to experience ICM technic. Here I took several photos that I added one on one with Gimp 2.10. I shot by moving the image around th acqueduct, like impressionist painters. That's what I tried to reach : a...

Out the window

Took Phillip's comment on board, so here are two rotated images .. one black and white, the other has been cropped and brightened. Cheers 😊

The Narrow Path

A photo from the mountains of North Carolina. The trees were filled with a deep fog that was unlike anything I had seen before. It made for a very unusual image.

Left out

Left out...

I got the idea from Sandra McCabe's photo-fall from grace...
let me know your thoughts.... any tips and tricks or feedback is welcome.
shot with a Pentax k-x and a Tamron 90mm macro lit with external flash.
the background is yellow plastic.
I used superglue to stick the dandelion seeds to the...

Monarch Negative

First off let me say, I've really seen a lot of great images coming out of this group! Most of the stuff isn't what I do, but the images I'm seeing just keep pulling me back in!

Here's a butterfly pic I've been plying around with. Converted to negative and just playing with the sliders until I liked the color using Photoscape X. I...

Hanging Toilet Paper

Anyone see the toilet paper holder? This wall was once the inside wall of another building. That building has since crumbled. Somehow the toilet paper holder survived the demolition and still remains 2 stories high on the now outside wall.

The Waves And Curves

While looking for architecture shots to take, I noticed this pattern on one building and decided to let it speak for itself. The master is on a dead drive (to be recovered soon) and I'm glad this was still on my phone. The tree looks better than the forest on this.

My bike through the eye of my daughter

I entered this weeks contest with this image, and it is rated - for now - between 'snapshot' and 'needs work'. I can live with 'needs work' - provided a comment is given, but snapshot ?

It is quite experimental - that's why I'm posting it here.

What do you think of it and how do you believe I should improve it ?

Thanks !

Phantom of the Opera.

A picture I've taken a few years ago, in Antwerp, in the De Koninck brewery. During a presentation of the founders of the brewery, the piano in the room starts playing a tune by itself.

Canon 1000D, 50mm, f/2.2, 1/80s, ISO 1600.

Mont Saint-Michel | ICM

I keep on experimenting ICM technic with three photos of the Mont Saint-Michel (France).
One photo is clear, two are blurred. I rotated the resulted image to give the impression of a reverse photography (and not a real reflection as possibly seen during the high tide).