Bonfire Macro

Not sure if I should include what I find minimalist about my photographs that post in this group, however, this one includes negative space and very nice textured burned hickory.

I recommend any and all critiques. I want to get better with my photography and I cant think of a better way than learning from experienced individuals. I don'...

Going even more Experimental ......

... or maybe just 'Mental'! Recently I gave a few people suggestions for playing more radically with color. I thought I should put my money where my mouth is! Often, when I am done with editing an image, I save it and then play with it more. Sometimes something interesting happens! I could never get these colors from my normal inks and I think...

Urban disharmony

On the photographies I took yesterday (sunday afternoon) in walking by the city of Montélimar (south of France).

I wanted to catch out some pieces of the city, some sort of urban abstration shapes.
In the middle of a road, there is this sculpture. And...


The golden-green glow through the seemingly endless trees caught my eye as I headed back to my car when the light at Guide Falls in northern Tasmania grew too dim, and my waterfall-photo eyes were fatigued after a couple of hours there.

This ended up being by far the best photo of the day.

Resting Turtle

Yesterday at the river I came across this turtle resting. I did not realize he was looking at me until after I came home and reviewed my photos. I'm going to list this as abstract. The lines, the textures the surrounding moss along with the broken shell sitting on the edge of his shell.

Nature and Man

I love this simple photo which (I think) has story with it. The seed pod trapped in the metal grid is such a juxtaposition!

Feedback welcome!

Diamonds in the Rough

We were at Diamond Beach (aka Wildwood Crest or South Wildwood) NJ last week for a few days. These represent two very different approaches in equipment. The first two were shot with a 20 mm wide angle and the second was shot with a 500 mm catadioptric lens. Just for the record, it's very hard to follow focus a seagull with a 500 mm manual focus...

Moonlit night Long Exposure ~Experimental

This is my first attempt at a long exposure shot. I didn't add any layers over the photo. I took a few 30 second shots and chose the best one. I'm considering this experimental because I've never attempted anything such as this before. While I was out, I did decide to go ahead and take a telephoto shot of the moon tonight. I used an ND1000 for...

Wibble wobble moon

A shot of moon and clouds taken backwards with arms up in the air which is why it's a bit wobbly. The bottom strip is thatching on the roof of the restaurant


This picture is titled guess as I want to invoke a conversation on what everyone sees within this photograph. I will make it known what the picture is afterwards. I've attempted to incorporate geometric patterns along with textures. I look forward to hearing where your imagination takes you.

New upload for review - Kodak moment

This is a reflection taken in wet sand of one of those blue sky beach days. I has positioned myself at that spot with the hope of capturing suitable reflections. Luckily this couple walked through and stopped in the perfect position as the wife took a picture of the shoreline

I have pushed this quite bit to enhance the abstract nature of...

ala Stieglitz "Equivalents"

I'm taking the holiday weekend off from posting the "Underfoot" series. This has nothing to do with anything. "Equivalents is was Stieglitz called his cloud pictures. I am not equating my work to his, but I've never understood quite what the big deal was beyond mastering the technical elements. I'm certain all that was much more difficult when...