Visiting a friend's house I found this beautiful plant. Using a stool I managed to photograph it from above, creating...
Last: March 22, 2021


Q from a novice. is this minimalistic? static vs dynamic, steadfast anchor in a random evolving surrounding - albeit...
Last: March 19, 2021

March member appreciation

To keep the group engaged I'd like to start throwing out some fun challenges. These will hopefully encourage members to...
Last: March 12, 2021

Vacant seat

Just a bit of experimentation to generate discussion. Would love to hear thoughts on the image, from novices and...
Last: March 16, 2021

The Horseshoe

Ice stalactites on a riverbed makes for some interesting shapes

A snowy February day

What I have always liked about snow is that it creates minimalist images. It has the ability to reduce distractions...
Last: March 14, 2021

River Ice

I only had my okay phone camera with me crossing over the Colorado River but I think this came out cool. (Cropped)
Last: March 9, 2021

Two Different Edits

A new technique I discovered :) Comments appreciated!
Last: March 9, 2021

Minimalist Waterfowl

Went out this weekend and took about 500 pictures of blah photos. Nothing really stood out and it was pretty...
Last: March 9, 2021

Sunset in the forest

Recent result of experimenting with ICM in the forest. 15 second exposure (w/6 stop ND) stopping at various points in...
Last: March 8, 2021

2.14 Re-Edit

I have posted this photo previously, but added a different element this time, making it tell a different story. (zoom...
Last: March 7, 2021

Pep versions 1 and 2

Around New yours I got a still life box that my father made for me.I didn't have a background in it yet, but I tried my...
Last: March 7, 2021


Late sun reflecting off the water flowing down rock in a local stream. If I had another chance, I should have taken...
Last: March 6, 2021

Open for discussion

Traditionally this group has been a place for members to post examples of their work, and to seek or provide feedback...
Last: March 6, 2021

Group admin update

With Ruth stepping back for a while I have agreed to help administer from the group. As per Ruth's vision we will...
Last: February 28, 2021

Request for new banner image

In familiarizing myself with admin settings I somehow managed to remove the original banner image. For now I have added...
Last: March 2, 2021

World of Rust

Old gear teeth are on cogs about an inch and a half across, not idea what machinery they spent their useful life in...
Last: March 1, 2021

New life from old - feedback requested

I'd like feedback (good OR bad) on this series of experimental images. All were taken in Eastern State Penitentiary...
Last: March 1, 2021

Minimalistic (take 1)

will need to go back to this spot and redo it (need to get permission to go onto the property as this was done about...
Last: February 28, 2021

More Snow

#1 was shot on Wednesday while there was still some direct sunlight. The others were shot today after the sun had gone...
Last: February 27, 2021