Trey Ratcliff's New Zealand Timelapse Is A Breathtaking Six Minute Trip to Mordor

Trey Ratcliff, the world's foremost HDR guru, recently relocated to Queenstown, New Zealand, which is quite possibly the most beautiful little town in the world. He just released a timelapse video of his first thirty days and thirty nights spent in the town, and it is definitely worth a watch - especially in the native 4k format. Wow! Whether or not you like Trey's work (we all know how polarizing it is) this little video is a very well made showcase of his skills. And by the way, Trey: Good luck down there, eat plenty of Fergburger, and keep an eye peeled for Oliphaunts.

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Well, this isn't awful. And this is coming from somebody who usually retches at the very mention of Trey Ratcliff.

That said, it is basically six minutes of clouds. There's lots of this stuff on Vimeo.

great work!

So did Hans Zimmer compose it for him? It sounds like they are friends.

Thanks to the used background music and GEMA this video is not available in Germany :-(

But I was able to watch it through this link:

Thomas Jergel's picture

I was very impressed with his timelapses, except the one at around 1:40 of the streets where he has used some sort of pixel motion interpolation to blend between exposures/frames.

It's not bad, but i don't think that this was something that should have been posted on fstoppers it's nothing special, but i did like the music.

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I would love to see a little more "camera movement." The sound track is first rate as is the image composition.

looks like cheap CGI

Gorgeous scenery, but the video itself doesn't seem like anything special. The music is pretty heavy-handed for the entire 6 minutes, so I felt like I was being beat over the head for the entire time: "You! Will! Acknowledge! That! This! Is! Amazing! Scenery!" No time to breathe. I thought the little video flashing tricks were annoying, too. What was the point?

And I have to say that I'm getting more and more impatient with folks illegally using music in their videos. Now, maybe Trey is super special and had Hans Zimmer compose the piece for him, but call me skeptical. I'm pretty sure that if my friend's band laid down one of their songs to this video and posted it as their music video, Trey would be none too pleased.