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Spaghetti Western Studies

This is another test for the spaghetti western concept that I've been mulling around for a while. Andi and I are planning on another concept shoot out at the Salton Sea. However, until all those ducks are in a row - I was able to get her and Nikki (H&MUA) to come out to the wheat fields before they get plowed.

Model: Andi Pope @andipopee
H&MUA: Nikki Velasquez @glambynikkivelasquez
Photo: Me @jiggliemon

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Ian Chang's picture

The image immediately pulled me into their world - love it

Chase Wilson's picture

So cool! Thanks Ian.

Tavita Tata's picture

Great staging! Love how the rim light comes through between the sheets.

Chase Wilson's picture

Thanks Tavita. It’s always a relief when the details come together.

Phil McAlary's picture

Love the lighting and overall feel.

Dave McDermott's picture

Very interesting. I like it.

Manuel Auer's picture

thats cinema for me, I really like it. well done.

Paola Padron's picture

in love!

Amanda Hughes's picture

nice work. love images that tell a story.

Mary Bel's picture

Lovely image