This Photographer Took The Most Hilarious Beard Photo Series I've Ever Seen owner Lee Morris recently decided to shave his 5 month beard while having a little fun. Lee created 8 different "characters" with different lengths of facial hair and then released his unretouched images to the These photographers took these files and pushed them to the max, creating 8 hilarious final images.

Patrick Hall photographed all 8 of these images using 3 Profoto B1 strobes and 3 strip boxes. The background was solid white and was then "cut out" in Photoshop afterwards by each of photographers listed below. To view all of the original images and all of the hilarious entries, visit the Fstoppers General Discussion Group


Number 1: Post production by Scott Coleman



Number 2: Post production by Jarrod Joachim



Number 3: Post production by Richard Johnson



Number 4: Post production by Sherwin Magsino



Number 5: Post production by Patrick Hall



Number 6: Post production by Adriano Maia do Nascimento



Number 7: Post production by Tina Pelech



Number 8: Post production by Lauren Jonas

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Kolade Agunbiade's picture

Patrick Hall.... C'mon. Its sick tho. Kudos

Ariel Martini's picture

there are funny entries, though not the case for the chosen

Lee Morris's picture

No doubt some of the other entries are funnier. I was trying to chose a group of photos that worked well together as a whole.

Adriano Maia do Nascimento's picture

wowww, my is number 6 :D

Deleted Account's picture

Good stuff! I like number 5 and 6. 5 is funny and 6 looks like a frame from a movie.

Joshua Boldt's picture

Patrick's with the girl in the background it hilarious. Great job everybody.

Win Mag's picture

Wow lucky to be part of the winners! Thanks Lee! Congrats guys, it was a fun challenge, would never say no when it comes to post processing challenge! Now im having a hard time which tutorial to choose lol.

Daniel Segal's picture

Who could this mystery photographer be? The answer may shock and amaze you in these 15 ways!

Win Mag's picture

Lee are you going to use all these images as your profile pic on Facebook? lol if yes that would be cool!

Lee Morris's picture

Hell ya I am

Stefanos infinity's picture

The tittle to this post is very... (i don't know how to best describe it, but i think it refers to idiots?)
The photos and the editing are great!

Lee Morris's picture

Haha click baity?

Stefanos infinity's picture

Most definitely not!

This title refers to "this photographer" in here, who everyone knows who you are, in a way that suggest something... i don't get?
Maybe it's my English?

It kind of reminds me the type of posts on facebook from third parties, that tries lure you somewhere...
I don't know, maybe it's just me.

Lee Morris's picture

No no, you're right. It's written to appeal to people who don't know what Fstoppers is but may still enjoy it.

Stefanos infinity's picture

Ok, Lee! Thanks for clarifying! Cheers!

M D's picture

It doesn't bother me as click baity, but it is interesting that as a website you now have to write a title that works best for a viewer/reader who is being sent a link rather than a regular visitor of the blog. I read the site a couple times a week so the title struck me as odd as well knowing who you are and seeing many of your other articles here.