Introducing AlbumStomp - Gorgeous Photo Albums Made Easy

Introducing AlbumStomp - Gorgeous Photo Albums Made Easy

I've reviewed BlogStomp in the past, and decided it was a tool that all photographers should be using to create simple and beautiful collages. Announced today from the same team is AlbumStomp, containing all the features you've come to love from BlogStomp, but for the use of creating brilliantly beautiful and simple photo albums for your clients.

For those who don't want to read the review linked above, BlogStomp/AlbumStomp allows you to create beautiful collages to a specific size and shape using just a couple clicks of the mouse. If you've tried to put one of these together in the past using Illustrator or Photoshop, you understand the frustration it can cause. Using a set of algorithms, BlogStomp/AlbumStomp has made it easy,  and they just made it work for album design too.


Using the same powerful tool entitled "Mix It Up", AlbumStomp allows you to build pages and entire albums for your wedding clients to use. Using hundreds of different layouts and styles, your long nights stressing in Adobe InDesign are done. You're then able to take your designs, and proof them in their Album Prufr system - where your clients and look through your design using an unique online gallery system. AlbumStomp works seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, PhotoMechanic, Finder, iPhoto or any other software you use to edit your photos.



AlbumStomp is currently available as a free trial, or for purchase for $99 dollars. However, if you're an owner of BlogStomp, check your email for a discount code giving you this new and exciting software for $49.

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Zach Sutton is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and headshot photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. His work highlights environmental portraiture, blending landscapes and scenes with portrait photography. Zach writes for various publications on the topic of photography and retouching.

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your link to blog stomp isn't correct, its

Just purchased it about 2 hours ago and have been playing with it ever since. So addictive. Now to get someone to buy a ton of albums from me... Anyone need albums designed? =)

I've yet to successfully export an individual spread without it crashing though. I think they may have released it a tad bit too early. Maybe they were trying to capitalize on Smart Albums not being available for Windows yet. The first time I tried to export an individual spread it crashed, the second time trying it exported a blank page, and the third time trying it crashed. I'm out until v1.1 =)

SmartAlbums not being on Windows is what made me go for Fundy. I do my best to stick with cross platform software and tools as I do go back and forth between both systems. Did you use this on OS X or Win?

I'm using it on Windows. I'm wondering how well 1.0 runs on a Mac. Maybe I'll load it up on my Wife's Macbook tonight and see. =) I just read your comments below and saw that it crashes on OS X. I'll just wait until V1.1 which will probably/hopefully be a lot more stable.

Yeah same here. Curious if you were able to do drag in drop of folders, ect though? I wasn't and had to use the import option.

I didn't drag and drop the folders but I did drag and drop multiple images from within a folder into the "Drag'n drop your images up in hurrr..." spot and it worked just fine. On a side note there appears to be an update but when I followed the link, there was an error. hahaha

Did you proof this before posting? "frustration it cam cause"? "Adobe Lightroomm"?

Do you know in which file type the export is done ? PDF ?

It looks like it just does JPG export.
I also need PDF's, and having the setting to just have individual pages on export would be hugely beneficial...

Ok, so I guess you need to import all jpeg/pages in a software like InDesign after the export of Albumstomp. Anyway, even with this method you will gain some precious time, I think !

It has the option to export the whole album and export individual spreads.

Downloaded the trial and it has some quirks. It has potential but not fully impressed just yet.

Better then Smart Albums? Price is good.

It crashed first time I used it... and second ... and third

I'd recommend contacting their customer support. I've used it once for BlogStomp and at that time they were very helpful and easy to work with.

a software that crashes immediately is not even worth trying.. you clown

Boy, you sound pleasant

Wish I knew about this before I got Fundy Album Builder. The price for this is so much more accessible especially for the amount of albums I might be doing. Still might give this a go and sell my Fundy license if this proves to be better. :)

and you know that how.. without trying it FIRST.
another clown who believes everything he reads on blogs.
this software crashes like stupid... it´s not even worth 2 dollar.

I get that you're angry for whatever reason, that doesn't involve me, but clearly your reading comprehension also is a victim of said anger.

Key Points:

1. Far from a clown though I do clown around a lot
2. I said the PRICING made it more accessible for others to buy vs $200+ for Fundy
3. I said I HAVE NOT tried AlbumStomp it YET, keyword, but WILL, another keyword
4. No I don't believe everything I read but if I find it interesting, I research; however, in this case see #3.

I have used Fundy Album builder which is nice but it has a learning curve and there are some very key things missing, like Undo. I know it's coming but that's huge. Just to put keep it transparent I also know the owner of Fundy too.

Stop being an angry troll it's healthy. :)

Disregard him. He's made three comments on the website, all of which are hateful and irritating. We believe in keeping our comments full of opinions, but certainly not full of hate. I can't imagine we'll allow him to comment on here for much longer if he keeps up his hateful spew.

Sorry that some people don't know how to act live civil adults on the internet.

Nope it's not my interest. Unless you state it's beta. App crashes often with basic functions. Good idea bad implementation. IMHO too soon to launch as commercial product.

beta crap... do you get money to support and promote this POS software?
otherwise i don´t know how you can promote a software that crasesd 5 times in 20 minutes.

It's not a beta program, it has been released to the public. It may be buggy for you, but that doesn't mean it's in beta.

And no I'm not getting paid by software developers to post announcements of exciting products.

The only way that this is better than the smart albums preview / free trial that is out there - is that Stomp already have a native windows client. Unfortunately, the watermark on the trial version ruins it - as does the clunky interface.
Running Smart Albums in an OSx Virtual Machine is still the better option for anyone just wanting to get something going quickly - it is also more stable.

So I've given it a quick spin and the issues with crashing seem to be on OS X, I primarily use Win7.

So far I like it but there is still work to be done. The mix ups aren't as diverse as what I've gotten from Fundy Album builder but I found it much easier to dive into. Having an UNDO much!

Some of the features might be exclusive to OS X as I've notices even with Lightroom something just work different the OS X version. Namely, I was able to drag and drop images into app from either LR, a folder, or Photo Mechanic. I had to use the import function.

They need to have some hover tool info. Some of the tools did things but I didn't know what and the zoom tool (the white bar above images) does something that you have no control of and there is no way to restore it unless you use UNDO.

I'd like to see a way to lock images so they do move or at least stay in order placed when mixing them up. Not too bad of a start for the price though. Drag and drop is a must fix though.

They just released an update and I can report that it's significantly more stable... Take that for what it's worth. =)

As a professional who strives for perfection, I don't feel it's at all unreasonable to expect a professional journalist to do some basic proofreading before posting.

You'll forgive me for not caring that your standards are lower than they should be.

and another tool around the corner... this time the approach is to work online:

Hi Zach, new Smart Albums for Windows was designed. It's going to be available for purchase on February 16.

Hi there, New Smart Albums for Windows was designed. It’s going to be available for purchase on February 16.