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Helpful Tips for Capturing Authentic Portraits

Capturing someone's essence is more about the interaction between you and your subject than the technical aspects of your camera. People’s expressions and body language reveal their comfort level, which will significantly impact your photos.

Why Megapixels Matter Less Than You Think

There is often a big price difference between a 20-megapixel camera and a 50-megapixel camera. Understanding the value of megapixels is essential to avoid wasting money.

Printer Ink: It's a SCAM

We all know that printer companies hook you with a cheap printer and then make their money with overpriced ink. I just didn't know it was this bad.
ON1 Photo Raw 2024 Is a Doozy and Gets Another Interim Update

On1 Photo Raw is a comprehensive image processing tool designed for photographers. It includes asset management, image development, and editing, plus a host of AI-driven tools, including noise reduction and deblurring. The latest update improves the performance of these tools.

A Superior Way You Can Compare Camera Lenses

When manufacturers give specifications of lenses, there is a lot of detail that is meaningless to many consumers of their products. When we writers review them, we tend to give the same information. Here’s a method I think would be much more helpful to most photographers.

The Best Value for Money? Fujifilm X-T3 Re-Review

When it comes to used cameras there are many powerful contenders for the top spot in terms of the best bang for your buck. Well, almost no cameras have been losing value as fast as Fujifilm’s X-Ts with each new release. For a budgeting photographer, this can only mean you get the good stuff cheap.

The Importance of Developing a Recognizable Photographic Style

Having your own photographic style can make your work instantly recognizable, even if people don't know it's yours. But is this something only professional photographers need, or is it also important for hobbyists and amateurs? Let’s explore this topic and its importance for anyone who loves photography.

Is the Leica SL3 Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to high-end cameras, the Leica SL3 stands out due to its cutting-edge features and impressive build quality. This new flagship model from Leica aims to cater to professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering a blend of advanced technology and the classic Leica feel.

How to Use the Depth of Field Scale on Manual Lenses

If you've ever owned a fixed focal length wide-angle lens, you've probably noticed the numbers located between the focus ring and the aperture ring. This is the depth of field scale, and it's a valuable tool that helps you check the depth of field for different apertures and focus distances.

RF vs EF Lenses: A Comprehensive Guide for Canon Photographers

Canon offers two primary lens options: the newer RF mount lenses and the older EF mount lenses. Understanding the differences and advantages of each system is essential for making informed decisions about your photography gear.

The Painter Every Photographer Should Know

If you’re a photographer looking for inspiration, look no further. This article dives into the life and work of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and how his dramatic use of light and shadow can revolutionize your photography techniques.

A Quick Fix for This Generative Fill Error in Photoshop

If you have been playing around with the new Generative Fill function in Photoshop Beta, you most likely have come across this error message saying: "The Generated Images were removed because they violate user guidelines." In this quick video by PiXImperfect, he has found an easy workaround.

Color-Match Any Image Using This Simple Yet Effective Plugin

Color grading is a science, and it can take professionals years to perfect. With so many variables in the mix, is this something that you would want to try for yourself? What if there was a plugin that could take out the time involved in the matching of colors over a series of images using a reference image, and in doing so, allow you to get the results you are seeking without as many hoops to jump through?

Time Tested, Ever Reliable: We Review The Fujifilm XF 35mm f/2 R WR

There is a unique series of lenses for the X-Mount. They do not offer the brightest apertures, nor do they use linear motors, but what they lack in features, they make up in beautiful vintage-looking, slanted, weather-resistant, and compact build. Some call them Fujicrons and the 35mm started it all.

Buying Versus Building a New Editing Computer

Getting a new editing computer can be a confusing process. How do you know when to upgrade? What kind of computer do you get for different kinds of editing? Do you build one or buy one? Well, I hope to answer those questions here in this article in a way that will match your specific situation.

Great Camera Lens Filters for Landscape Photography

I've been using filters for my photography for more than ten years, and for the last five, I have used filters made by Kase. Just recently, I switched my filter system to what I think is the perfect filter kit for landscape and architecture photography. In this article, you'll find a detailed review of it.

Is This the Best Affordable Bird and Wildlife Photography Setup?

Wildlife and bird photography can be tremendously exciting and rewarding work, but the combination of fast action, faraway subjects, and frequent low light often necessitates the use of extreme cameras and lenses that can quickly put serious stress on your bank account. Thankfully, nowadays, we have a bevy of impressively capable budget options. This excellent video review takes a look at one of the best affordable setups for wildlife and bird camera and lens setups.

Fstoppers Interviews Paige Vincent, Extreme Weather Photographer

The Great Plains offer some of the most extreme and jaw-dropping weather on Earth, and those who venture there with their camera are rewarded with some of the most unique and stunning images possible. We interviewed Paige Vincent, a photographer capturing those phenomena.

Don't Fall for the Shallow Depth of Field Trap

Depth of field is a fundamental concept that can dramatically impact the quality and storytelling of your images. It's not just about blurring the background; it's about thoughtfully controlling what elements are in focus and how they relate to each other within the frame.

The DJI Pocket 3: Why I'm Selling Most of My Vlogging Gear Now

As someone who has been making landscape photography videos since 2017, I have had my fair share of cameras to allow me to get the job done. I am also someone who doesn't jump onto the latest and greatest tech the moment it comes out. Instead, I normally wait until I can pick a unit up secondhand, long after it has proven its worth and capabilities. This, however, has now changed due to the latest release from DJI, the Osmo Pocket 3.

A Complete Guide to Mastering Lightroom Masking (Part 1)

There are a lot of great tools available for editing, and my favorite techniques tend to have large impacts for little effort. Lightroom's masking tool does this better than anything else I've ever used. This guide will teach you everything you could possibly want to know about Lightroom masking regardless of your skill level.

The Camera That Will Change Photography Forever

For over a decade, I've been eagerly anticipating the release of a full frame digital global shutter camera. I'm honestly surprised it took this long, but it's finally here in the new Sony a9 III.

Under Armour Used AI To Create This Ad and People Are Mad

Under Armour's latest ad has caused outrage among many creatives due to it being produced by AI. The ad uses the likeness of famous heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua and elements that were previously filmed for Under Armour, along with AI, to produce a brand new video.

Why One Photographer Prefers Micro Four Thirds

Understanding why a photographer remains loyal to a particular system, like the Micro Four Thirds, can offer valuable insights into the nuances of photographic equipment, and in an age dominated by APS-C, full frame, and even medium format, the perspective of a micro four thirds user can be particularly good to hear.

Transforming Rainy Day Photos With Creative Lighting

Creating stunning portraits even on challenging days is entirely possible with the right techniques and equipment. Understanding how to manipulate both natural and artificial light can transform your photos, giving you the control to achieve the desired effect regardless of the weather.

Power Station for Photographers: We Review the Bluetti AC60

I have been searching for a portable power station that can meet my energy needs on the go and power my home office during power outages for some time now. And with the Bluetti AC60, I found a compact solution.

Am I Switching From Profoto? An Honest Review of the System

Having been a Profoto user for most of my career, I have experienced pretty much everything they have to offer. I have bought a substantial amount of Profoto equipment myself and use it as my daily driver. Being a huge investment, I wondered if it was worth it. Well, here are my results.

Still a Great Option for Many: Fujifilm X-T4 Re-Review

Yet another re-review of a discontinued but still very valid camera. The Fujifilm X-T4 slightly moved away from what made Fujifilm unique, but not in a bad way. It pushed the series into new areas and appealed to the dual creator quite confidently. Is it still worth getting today?

The 6 Most Valuable Smartphone Apps for Landscape Photographers

In today's digital age, there are numerous apps available that can significantly enhance your landscape photography experience. In this article, I want to take a look at the six apps that have proven invaluable for my own landscape photography.

How Does the Sony a6700 Compare to the a7 IV?

The Sony a7 IV is widely regarded as one of the best hybrid cameras out there, but with the a6700 now here, Sony users have two excellent options for their work. Despite the a7 IV having a full frame sensor, the a6700 has some better features and is also $1,000 cheaper. So, which is right for you? This fantastic video comparison takes a look at both to help you decide.

An In-Depth Preview of the Alice Camera

The Alice Camera is hailed as the camera for creators, boasting the ability to streamline your workflow and make you grow faster. Is it all it is advertised to be? This hands-on preview tells all.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Infrared Emulation Using Lightroom

Adding infrared emulation to your landscape images can create a unique and striking effect. This tutorial demonstrates how to transform a regular landscape photo into one that mimics the ethereal qualities of infrared photography using only Lightroom Classic.

Achieving the Film Look With Digital Tools

The desire to capture the unique aesthetic of film photography remains strong among photographers, even in our digital age. While the convenience and flexibility of digital cameras are undeniable, the distinct colors, grain, and overall feel of film hold a certain allure.

Teaching a Landscape Photographer How to Photograph Wildlife

Are you a landscape photographer wanting to start photographing wildlife? You may have the art of landscape photography figured out, but photographing wildlife is a whole other challenge. Don’t let that deter you, as this video shares several fantastic tips for getting started.

Are You Fixing Exposure in Your Landscape Photos Incorrectly?

Exposing for the highlights is age-old advice in landscape photography. However, that technique can cause other areas of the photograph to be underexposed. You can always use the exposure slider in Lightroom to increase the exposure, but is that really the best way to fix the exposure in the image?

Why You Should Buy This Camera Instead

The Fuji X100VI has been riding shotgun on the hype train since its announcement. And while it's a good camera, this camera is better.

How the Sony RX100 Changed Compact Cameras

Compact cameras have been fighting for relevance in a market dominated by smartphones. One camera that made a significant impact is the Sony RX100. Why did it leave such a mark on the industry?

A Review of the New Hasselblad XCD 28mm f/4 P Lens

The new Hasselblad XCD 28mm f/4 P offers uses a very portable wide angle lens that still brings with it some innovative features and the promise of image quality able to keep up with the demands of 100-megapixel medium format lenses, making it intriguing for a range of applications, particularly street photography. Can it live up to those high demands in practice? This excellent video review takes a look at the sort of performance and image quality you can expect.