The 2.5D Effect Explained Further

Few months back we featured a great video showing how Joe Fellows creates his stunning parallax videos. After posting the article, many of you had follow-up questions on his techniques and methods, so he decided to release a 'part 2' video explaining some of the cool tricks he uses to transform a 2D photo into a 2.5D video.

Have more questions? feel free to leave them in the comments below and hopefully Joe will be able to answer them here or in a another video.

2.5d parallax

Part 1:

[via Creators Project]

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This is such a strange coincidence, just thirty minutes ago I first learned about 2.5D while watching this awesome animation of classic paintings.

Wow, it's a beautiful example of the technique!
I tried it myself with one of my last shoots;

Pretty cool. I didn't really see the model moving but the whole bench she was on in relation to the background was cool.

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Thank you so much for making a follow up. I was worried when the first one was made it would be a faux-torial that doesn't actually explain the details that really set it apart. Thanks for sharing.

Agree, I never even saw After Affects in use before, cool tutorial here for sure.

Here are mine 2d+2.5d!

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what about taking the photo with a tripod only the background alone then go in the shot make a second one overlap tboth so you save the background cloning time?

He recommends that. He probably didn't do it because where was someone hand holding the camera for him.

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I'm rather partial to this one:

Did I miss something? Where's part 2?