A Fashion Shoot Taken Entirely On A Scanner Bed

When shooting fashion, the last thing that comes to mind is probably using the scanner as your camera of choice. Henry Hargreaves decided to use this medium for this set. Although this concept is not necessarily new, it's always fun seeing everyone's interpretation with the medium. Included are also some behind the scenes shots of the process as well.

Creative Projector Portraits

I love projectors. I've been trying to come up with a cool photo project using a projector for years now just so I had an excuse for my wife to buy one. Alas inspiration has yet to strike, a problem John Clang doesn't seem to have as can be seen in his series, "Blind Spot". Check out these portraits John took by projecting the subject's portrait back onto their own face. Well done John truly an inspiring idea if not a tad creepy.

Jared Platt's Free Lightroom 4 Workflow On CreativeLIVE

This Thursday, June 14, Jared Platt is doing a 3 day workshop on how to speed up your Lightroom 4 workflow. As always with creativeLIVE events, the online workshop is free to watch live (so sign up for that now) and then the video recordings of that workshop cost $150 to download after the event ends. Click the full post for more details on how you can watch this intensive tutorial for free this coming weekend.

Olympus Has a Great New Ad Campaign! But is It Enough?

Photographers like pulling for the underdog, and each year photographers are hoping to see Olympus return to the throne they once held, or at least make an appearance in the Court. Back when film was king, the Olympus brand was as strong as Canon, Nikon, and Kodak. But in the digital age and especially in the last year, things haven't been so great. Yet this new advertising campaign could change all that- It's witty, quick, original, and best of all, relatable.

The Wednesday Rundown 6.14.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a great BTS video of the making of a low budget music video. Shot entirely on DSLRs this video looks just like a high budget music video. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email jerrit@fstoppers.com .

Making Your Own Bokeh Shapes

Bokeh is the out of focus or blurry areas of a photograph. The wider the aperture a camera is shooting on, the softer the Bokeh is. In this cool DIY video, Matt from Make Magazine, shows an easy way to add a little flair to your pictures by creating custom shapes for your bokeh. Although everyone seems to break out this technique with stars and hearts around Christmas time, as Christmas lights are a great light source for this technique, here are a few more creative examples.

Layar Creator Merges Print and Digital Media

It's becoming more evident that print media must innovate to survive in our increasingly digital world. The makers of Layar Creator are trying to bridge that gap. With their augmented reality app, users can experience print media with the dynamics of digital media. This means you can instantly download, buy, like, and share things you find in print. And this is the part that I can't really wrap my head around - Layar allows you to turn still photos into video. What do you think? Is this useful technology?

Think You Know Depth Of Field? Online Quiz Will Make Your Brain Hurt

With so many photographers entering the movie-making scene with DSLRs that shoot HD video, understanding depth of field has become crucial for keeping moving subjects in critical focus. In this online test from blackandblue.com, your knowledge is put to the test with 10 basic concept questions, and then 10 scenario questions. Post your score in the comments and tell us what you thought of it.

Shooting Insects On Seamless For Conservation

South Carolina photographer Clay Bolt is a professional nature photographer who has taken his love for the environment in an interesting direction. Clay started a program called Meet Your Neighbours which has inspired photographers all around the world to shoot small local animals on a mobile seamless white background. You probably don't have to travel far to take amazing nature photography.

The New Macbook Pro Is Every Photographers Dream

Just a few hours ago Apple announced their all new Macbook Pro line of laptops. The most impressive of the group is the 15inch model which includes a retina display! I'm currently typing this on a massive 24inch ultra sharp monitor that has 1920x1200 pixels. Apple's new 15 inch screen has a shocking 2800x1800 pixels. Apple also finally made the jump to USB 3.0 which makes this the most impressive laptop for creative professionals on the go. Pre-order the new machine here.

New Photography Rules Of Composition By Scott Kelby

A few weeks ago Scott Kelby hosted the Google + conference in San Francisco. In this lecture from the event, Scott tries to shed light on to how photographers should really work their scenes to find the best composition. We've all been taught the tried and true methods like rule of thirds, leading lines, tight crop, repeating patterns, framing, and multi level depth. Shouldn't there be a better way to teach

Timelapse Of The Happiest Place On Earth

Typically, when you see timelapse videos it's of beautiful metropolitan skylines, celestial light painting or visions of nature, but Youtuber, Dsnedit (Daniel Navarrete), decided what better place to do a timelapse than the quintessential childhood staple, Disneyland. It is after-all the happiest place on earth (or so Disney tells us).

The Most Advanced High Speed Robot Used For Video Ever

Just when I thought I had seen it all I was sent this incredible video by one of our readers. The Marmalade, a special effects studio in Germany, has created an incredible high speed robot used to film precise moments during ultra high frame rate takes. The results look so perfect that I thought I was watching CGI at first. Even if you aren't into robots you will want to watch this video for the most stunning macro videography I've ever seen.

Gnarly Bay Shows Off Their 2011 Reel

Gnarly Bay has been doing quite a bit in the past few years. Their demo reel for 2011 is just them saying "we're better than you", but in the nicest way possible. Do yourself a favor and head over to their Vimeo page and check out some of their work. I have learned quite a bit just from watching their stuff, and it makes me think of ways that I can be more creative, not only with video but in my photography as well. Enjoy!

The Manhattan Project – A Timelapse View Of The Different Areas Of Manhattan

Photographer/videographer, Cameron Michael, spent roughly 5 months making this timelapse view of Manhattan. It spans across the entire area and shows the stark contrast that makes the city so appealing. After months of time, the struggles of getting location access, and the manual labor of lugging around 130 pounds of equipment around the city, Cameron finally released this great video as an ode to the city and all its beauty.

Student Final Project: Swallowing 35mm Film

Two Kingston University students (in the UK), Luke Evans and Josh Lake, each swallowed 35mm film, allowed their bodies to 'process it,' and then collected and developed it both in a darkroom. They then scanned the film with an electron microscope to digitize the images. Despite the rather odd method of collection, I'm sure, the results are quite interesting...and I can't say I've seen anything like it.

Christian Stoll's Futuristic Wide Angle Images

Here's a gorgeous set of images from photographer Christian Stoll called, appropriately, "Epic". He has an impeccable portfolio. What appeals to me the most is the composition of each frame, and his use of cool, desaturated color. He photographs worldwide print campaigns for IBM, Microsoft, and General Electric. Other clients in this series include Wired Magazine, BMW Magazine, and DB Schenker.

John Cyr Captures Famous Photographer's Developing Trays

Being referred to as a "fingerprint of the photographic process", this video essay produced by Daylight Multimedia displays images of John Cyr's work, which are a series of stills of famous photographer's developing trays. Each tray has it's own unique look, and seem to provide a thoughtful display that makes one think about the iconic images possibly produced in them.

Pre-Order the Canon T4i and 40mm Pancake Now!

I've always held the opinion that Canon's T1i-T3i series were the best-bang-for-the-buck cameras out there. And they really are. No fancy weather sealing or anything, but for someone looking to step up to a DSLR for under $1000, this T4i ($849) bumps everything up a notch. Add to that a bargain 40mm f2.8 pancake lens for true portability!? Way to go!

Coppertone Commercial Shot Almost Exclusively With DSLR's

Besides getting a great glimpse into the filming of a well put together sunscreen commercial, Gary Lankford offers some great perspective on the usefulness of DSLR's as opposed to using some of the bigger and more expensive rigs that might be out there. The versatility of having several cameras and being able to take them anywhere can outweigh some of the higher quality option cameras. Check out the final commercial below.