A Photo That Took Two Years to Make

Are you a patient person, able to delay gratification for the sake of something bigger and better down the road? Do you think you could wait two years to get the exact photo you wanted? This awesome video follows a photographer on the quest to make an image that took two years of careful planning and waiting for just the right moment.

Wide and Fast: A Review of the Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG DN Art Mirrorless Lens

The ultra-wide angle zoom lens is a staple for many photographers in several genres, but it is normally neither a cheap nor simple lens, making it an investment any photographer should think carefully about. Sigma's entry, the 14-24mm f/2.8 DG DN Art, comes in both E mount and L mount flavors, making it an attractive option for mirrorless shooters. Is it the right choice for you? Check out this great review to find out.

Critique the Community Submit Your Best Interpretation of "Wet" Images

Do You Like These "Wet" Photos? Critique the Community!
Congratulations to the Winners!

Congrats to our winners in the Wet critique! Please pick out which tutorial you want from the Fstoppers Store and David will reach out to you soon. 

To be a part of the next critique you can upload any photo that fits your interpretation of the word "Moody."  All images must be posted by Oct 31st before noon eastern time. Next week, 19 random images and the top rated image will be critiqued by the Fstoppers team.

The Canon 1D X Mark III: Remove the Mirror, Add an EVF, and You Have the Perfect Camera

Canon’s announcement of the 1D X Mark III has inevitably set the camera world chattering, confirming some rumors (raw video) and debunking others (there is no new battery with a secret new feature). Among the specifications, it’s interesting to see what’s been left out and how this compares to Nikon’s own “announcement” last month, not to mention the Sony a9 II.

Where Is Photography Going?

As technology advances, the tools photographers can use to create their visions are more accessible, varied, and intuitive than ever before. I have a feeling this means our definition of photography and our uses for it are going to expand like crazy. It may also mean a photographic renaissance.