Stunning and Mesmerizing Dubai "Flow Motion" Time-lapse by Rob Whitworth Takes Us for a Ride

Rob Whitworth builds upon his previous experience from his innovative Barcelona "flow motion" time-lapse with this new production covering the business oasis, Dubai. In his latest piece, Whitworth makes it apparent that he has perfected his craft to create the most fascinating time-lapse we've seen so far. We asked him to comment on his process. And while we got some behind-the-scenes footage and images, Whitworth simply told us, "It's always fun to keep people guessing." So by all means, let's guess.

This production took four months to produce. "Recon and storyboarding was two weeks, shooting was seven weeks, and about another seven weeks in post," Whitworth said in an email. "The most complicated scene logistically was the airport baggage sequence. It was actually shot in one take with four camera rigs...a bunch of planning there, but thanks to everyone's hard work, it went off like clockwork, which was essential, as no retakes would be possible."

Whitworth shared both the entire extended baggage sequence, an extended canal sequence, and some behind-the-scenes images with us, as well. All are below.

Check out more of Rob Whitworth's work on his website or Instagram. Sound designer for the film Slava Pogorelsky can be followed on Facebook.


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Seeing this makes me appreciate Dubai even more. Though sadly the world is still misnterpretting the emirate with its practices and laws. I am working here as a photographer for a big publication and all I can say is this place is really amazing.


WOW.... That's it...

Wooow! My first comment on Fstoppers... And should it be for this post where almost no words can describe it!


Spectacular in every way!
The planning and time that must have gone into making this.

now THIS is a timelapse!