Product Photography With a DIY Diffusion Panel

In this six-minute video, YouTuber workphlo breaks down a simple DIY diffuser that works especially well when going for a "glossy" look in your product photos. This technique applies to close-ups of reflective products.

The narrator shows us that an understanding of light modification is essential in order to convey a certain texture or feel in a studio product. One can experiment with the placement of lights in order to achieve different effects.

Some studios like to "get fancy" with the direction of gradient, as well as cutting the key light off with flags. This video, however, shows the classic vertical gradient that anyone can easily create.

One nice thing about this setup is that it can be done easily with just one light in the studio. Nothing overkill, in fact, one can also create a wraparound light on the opposite end of the product just by placing a white bounce card across from the key light.

This simple setup is a reminder to all of us that it's not how expensive your equipment is or how many lights you have going - with the right approach and skill, you can create magazine-worthy photographs in a matter of minutes.

You can see more of workphlo on their Instagram and Facebook.

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