The Power of Moving 12 Inches

Photographers are obsessed with improving their work through new gear purchases, extra lighting, and better retouching, but there's one trick that's often overlooked: the power of moving 12 inches.

Fujifilm Has Just Dropped the Terms Master/Slave Following Canon and Nikon

After the huge response to Black Lives Matter in the last month, camera companies have made it known to me that they have been dropping the terms "master" and "slave" from their photographic lexicon. Canon dropped the terms in 2017, while Nikon let them go in the early 2000s. Now, Fujifilm has joined them in dropping the use due to the negative racial connotations.

Two Reasons Not to Use a Light Meter

Light meters have been around for decades, and they have been an essential tool for photographers. Back in the film days, using a light meter was a part of the professional workflow, but things might have changed since the digital cameras.

Nikon Has Officially Dropped 'Master' and 'Slave' Terms

After news came last week from Canon that it's officially dropped the terms "master" and "slave," so too has Nikon. In fact, if you thought Canon was ahead of the curve by dropping the terms three years ago, you're going to be shocked to find out when Nikon dropped them.

How to Do a Two-Camera Shoot at Home by Yourself

Do you find yourself stuck at home by yourself during quarantine, but still wanting to shoot high-quality content for your YouTube channel or clients? In this step-by-step video, learn how to do a two-camera interview style shoot without the help of any assistants or other people.

Three Common Video Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Good lighting can make or break a video. There are some mistakes a lot of newer videographers make when it comes to lighting, however, and this helpful video outlines three of the most common issues creatives encounter and what you can do to fix them and improve the look of your work.

How to Take Over-Under Photos In Water

One of the things I love most about photography is the challenge of creating something new and refreshing. In today's behind the scenes video, I thought it would be fun to try to capture some family photos with a split view above and under the water.

How to Deal With Reflections in Glasses in Portraits

Lighting people is a difficult but important skill to learn, and an additional complication is introduced when your subject wears glasses. This great video will show you how to eliminate distracting reflections in your subject's glasses while still creating flattering lighting.

The Differences Between an Umbrella and a Beauty Dish

An umbrella is normally one of the first lighting modifiers photographers use, and while they are a great tool for lots of scenarios, eventually, you will likely want to explore other options. The beauty dish is a highly popular option, and this helpful video will show you the differences between the two.

Is It Time We Dropped Master/Slave Terminology?

In recent weeks, racial inequality has been brought to the forefront of awareness for many around the world. In light of the cultural shift that has the world talking about the Black Lives Matter movement, is it time for the photography community to change some terminology?

Creating High-End Lighting Without Strobes or Hot Lights

Have you ever had to shoot at a location that didn't warrant you lugging your big case of lighting around? In this very inspiring behind the scenes video, see how Alexis Cuarezma maximizes the potential of direct natural sunlight to create flattering results every time without the use of any additional lights.

How to Get Dark Backgrounds for Close-Up Photos

A dark background is a fantastic way to keep the focus on your subject, and all it takes is a little lighting know-how to make it happen. This great video will show you how it is done and how you can use it to create dramatic, vibrant images.

5 Different Ways to Use a Single Octabox

An octabox is a highly versatile and relatively affordable modifier that many photographers use in a wide variety of genres and scenarios. This fantastic video will show you five different ways to use a single octabox.

A Look at How to Improve One-Light Portraits

I firmly believe that anyone starting out with artificial lighting should master working with a single light first, but that does not mean one-light setups can't produce versatile and professional results. This great video will show you a critique of several one-light images and provide you with a ton of helpful advice on lighting, posing, and more.

How to Create Fake Fire Through Creative Lighting

Fire will always be something that evokes feelings of excitement, dread, and more, making it a fantastic dramatic tool in short films, wedding videos, and more. But of course, you can't just go around lighting fires wherever and whenever you want, so this great video will show you how you can convincingly fake it with your lighting.